15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After Mother Threw Away His Anime Magazines

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

In a bizarre story of love and death, a boy committed suicide when his mother decided he's had enough of those anime comics. The boy was actually falling in love with one of the females in his comics and was becoming extremely obsessive about them. He never let go of his comics, always taking them along with him to school. It was obvious that his mother would realize the crippling damage this obsession was doing to him and decided to take prompt action.

He would regularly visit the comic book store

The 15 year old boy, who went by the name of Akira would spend his entire month's allowance shopping for his favorite comic books. He eventually became extremely obsessed not only with the comics but also with the store.

The sales clerk became slightly concerned

The sales clerk knew that he was a young boy undergoing changing hormones, but what he didn't know was that Akira was becoming a little too possessive about his comics. It stands to reason that the sales clerk should have informed Akira's mother about his weird behavior.

Soon Akira became more distant

His grades fell, he became more distant from everyone around him, his friends visited less often and Akira would be absorbed into his comic books. His mother noticed that there was one particular page he would always watch - of a girl getting molested by a tentacle monster.

The lewdly drawn female character

The typical design for females in anime is big eye balls, large bosoms and curvy hips. Their clothes are borderline naked and they're usually very quirky in nature. It is obvious the 15 year old boy became ensnared by one of the female characters.

He eventually bought the entire collection

Even though his mother decreased his monthly allowance on account of his falling grades, the boy somehow found the funds to purchase the entire collection. He was elated at the sight of his favorite characters stripped of all their clothes.

Yes the clerk sold him adult anime

Also known as hentai, the particular comic version which Akira was fascinated with also had an adult version. Although only 18+ individuals could purchase it legally, Akira still somehow managed to get his hands on the adult version.

The boy would spend most of his time indoors

Lord knows what the boy would do 24 hours a day inside his room all locked up. His mother eventually grew a little wary of his behavior but chalked it up as a normal phase he may be going through. But his behavior was anything but normal.

He started a fictional relationship with one of the females in the comics

The boy was so fascinated by the fictional, hand drawn girls that he became eager to set up a relationship with one of them. He just couldn't imagine himself without the girl and even carried the comic with him all the way to school.

The boys soon caught up with his habit

Boys at school soon realized that Akira was carrying adult manga with him and started bullying him. Teachers took notice of the adult content and soon called his mother. This is probably what resulted in Akira's crippling depression.

The mother had enough of it

Akira's mother has had enough of her son's abnormal behavior and decided to do something about it. She took all his allowance money and removed the locks from his door. She wanted to know what exactly he would do with the comics.

A shocking revelation

Despite the fact that his room was now unlocked and anyone could enter in without his permission, Akira would do 'certain' stuff with the comics without his clothes. His mother eventually caught him red handed performing disturbing sexual acts on the comics.

She took the comics away

The comics were now thrown away. The hentai manga focused on one particular female character, she was always getting molested by a tentacle monster. The boy took a special liking to her and bought all the manga he could manage from the sales clerk.

Akira was depressed as it is

The 15 year old boy was extremely self aware about his disturbing behavior. He knew he was the laughing stock at school. And he knew his mother was on to him. The only thing which consoled him was the comics, they too were gone.

Nothing to fall back to

He truly loved the anime character. He could not spend a single second without seeing her, much less an entire lifetime. The boy knew his mother would never let him buy the collection again, and what manga he did have was thrown away.

He killed himself

Akira could no longer keep himself away from the girl. He knew she was fake, and hand drawn but wanted to go to her. The only way he knew how was to die and hope to reincarnate as an anime character into the arms of the woman who always got molested by a tentacle monster. Akira hanged himself from the ceiling fan - hoping to escape from the pressures of life and into the arms of his 'beloved'.



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