50 Foods That Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 10, 2017

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men, men. It stimulates the growth of the penis and scrotum, is vital in the production of sperm, controls fat distribution on the body, increases the growth of facial and body hair, is anabolic to muscles, gives us greater bone density, and gives men the shape and attributes we associate with masculinity. So here are 50 foods that you can buy at your local grocery store to naturally boost your testosterone levels, according to scientific research done by nutritionists. Be sure to invest in these foods for a better body, a better you and - you guessed it - a better penis. #39 raises testosterone levels by 60%, and will make you last up to 35% longer in bed!


To be more specific, all kinds of healthy carbohydrates are great for boosting testosterone levels. Potatoes are just one type of healthy carb you can consume. Healthy carbs are those food items that do not contain gluten. If consumed on a frequent basis, both regular and sweet potatoes can be a game-changer for your testosterone levels. The only carb that can mess up your testosterone production are grains - this is because they contain gluten. Gluten can significantly increase prolactin levels - the hormone that causes females to lactate milk.

Macadamia Nuts

Just as healthy carbs are a requirement for increasing testosterone, so are healthy fats. There are major differences between healthy and unhealthy fats. Fatty food has been getting a bad rep in the media, but this is only in regards to fast food and processed food. Those types of food contain a lot of PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and trans fat, a type of fat that has an adverse effect on a man's testosterone levels. Macadamia nuts are full of the good kind of fat - SFA (saturated fatty acids) and MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids).

Meat Bars

Did you know there are meat-based bars available in supermarkets? This is a pretty new development but can be a huge time saver for people that don't have enough time to cook meat at home. The epic bars come in different flavors - there is bison, lamb, turkey and beef-based Epic bars. They are slightly more expensive than other protein bars, but they are worth every cent. The type of protein found in these bars is the exact type of protein you are looking for - animal-based and grass-fed.

Beef Gelatin

Beef gelatin a type of food that is generously enjoyed in many developing countries. It is created from the bones and connective tissue of the animal. Gelatin offers an awesome amino acid balance, that is a sure-fire way to add muscle mass to your body. The amount of muscle mass you have is in direct correlation to your testosterone levels. Bone broth and animal organs are another alternative to getting a lot of amino acids, although gelatin seems to beat them nutritionally-wise.


Coffee is one of the favorite supplements of all gym-goers. Not only does coffee boost your adrenaline, and makes you feel more energetic, but it also helps to burn off fat, and is an aphrodisiac. To further top this list, caffeine, the main ingredient in your cup of coffee also boosts cAMP levels. Elevated cAMP levels lead to increased testosterone production. Some studies show that caffeine also increases cortisol - the stress hormone, but the adverse effects are negligible since cortisol is a booster for only a short period after drinking your cup of coffee.

Brazil Nuts

Technically speaking, Brazil Nuts are a type of seed, since they are shelled in a thick cone. They are called "Brazil Nuts" because of their nut-like taste and flavor. They are slightly worse than Macadamia nuts in their fat profile (100 grams of brazil nuts has 15g SFAs, 25g MUFAs, and 19g PUFAs), but you won't be eating Brazil nuts solely for their fat profile. Why you need Brazil nuts is because of their epic selenium levels - 100 grams of Brazil nuts contain 1917 mcg of selenium. That is a whopping 2739% of your total daily requirement.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are not using extra virgin olive oil, you are missing a lot. You should never be using other kinds of oil (except for Coconut oil), and you should especially not be using sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is loaded with testosterone-killing PUFA-type fat. There is a study of Moroccan man, that switched to using extra virgin olive oil as their main source of fat. The experiment only lasted for 2-weeks, but in that period their testosterone levels increased by 17%.


Raisins are a staple-food that can boost your testosterone for multiple reasons. First of all, raisins are anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is resveratrol, which has been linked (in two different studies) to both increasing testosterone and decreasing estrogen levels in men. Raisins have a very healthy nutritional profile - 100 grams contain 3 mg of boron, a type of metal that has a testosterone-boosting effect in males (this was proven by two different studies). Raisins make an excellent trail mix with Macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts.


Parsley is a plant, but why you want to eat more of it is because one of its main compounds - apigenin. Researchers at Texas Tech found that apigenin increases the amount of StAR (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein) inside the Leydig cells in men's testicles. Having more StAR is great news for men because StAR is the binding protein that transports cholesterol to the cells in our testicles. This means that the more Parsley you eat, the more fat you convert into free-flowing testosterone.


For most people, ginger is just an ordinary household spice, but used properly - it can boost your testosterone. The main active ingredient in ginger is the aptly named gingerol. Gingerol is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, active throughout the whole body. Getting more anti-inflammatory agents is always good, but that is not the only role ginger can have in your body. Several animal studies have identified ginger as an androgenic compound, while an Iraqi study showed a 17% increase in testosterone levels after ginger consumption.

Raw Cacao Products

Any type of food based on raw cacao, cocoa or chocolate is going to have a testosterone boosting effect. Note that "chocolate" is not the sugar-laden junk food found in most supermarkets. A proper chocolate bar should contain at least 60% cocoa, although 70% is even better. These types of chocolate are also labeled as "dark chocolate." Real chocolate should also not be heated during the manufacturing process, as that destroys most of the antioxidants and vitamins. Raw chocolate and cacao are awesome because they are loaded with magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper.


Many athletes consider eggs as the "perfect protein" because eggs contain a perfect amino acid balance. Not only that, but eggs are also highly nutritious, and they contain nearly all existing types of vitamins, except for Vitamin C. Apart from the protein, eggs are also rich in their fatty-acid profile, and have 38% saturated fats, 44% monounsaturated fats, and 18% polyunsaturated fats. The yolk of the egg contains huge amounts of cholesterol - which as you may know is the main precursor to testosterone.

Real Salt

"Real salt" may sound funny, but there is a large difference between real crystal, sea, and rock salt in comparison to "table salt." Real, unrefined salt products are clumpy and contain over 60 different trace minerals. Basic table salt, on the other hand, is nutritionally poor - it only contains 2 trace minerals - sodium and chloride. Everything else has been chemically stripped away. Apart from that, table salt also contains up to 3% anti-caking agents. Anti-caking agents are often made out of unhealthy heavy metals such as aluminum silicate or sodium ferrocyanide.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is not as popular as olive oil (at least not yet), but is heavily used in the Mediterranean diet. You may remember that there was a section in this article about the effects of olive oil on testosterone levels. Well, in the same study, there was a second group of Moroccan men, that only got their daily fat from Argan oil. These guys had their testosterone levels increased by 20% - the guys that only had olive oil saw just a 17% boost during the same period.


Avocados are a staple food for increasing testosterone. Yet, they are hated by people who still cling to the ineffective and testosterone lowering low-fat diets. This is because 77% of the calories in an Avocado comes from fat. What is even better is that Avocados are rich in the testosterone-boosting types of fat-saturated fats (SFAs) and monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), while they are low in the testosterone-lowering polyunsaturated (PUFAs) fat. The fatty-acid ratio in Avocados is 16% SFA, 71% MUFA and 13% PUFA.

White Button Mushrooms

Many people first try to eat white button mushrooms as part of a pizza topping - who said that pizza's don't contain at least a little bit of healthy food on them? Anyway, white button mushrooms are loaded with polysaccharides. Polysaccharides have been found to have a strong anti-estrogenic effect because they naturally block the type of aromatase enzyme that converts the free flowing testosterone into estrogen. Other types of mushrooms also have similar anti-estrogenic effects, so you can use them too, just note that the white button type of mushroom had the strongest anti-estrogenic effect.

Baking Soda

Baking soda had loads of different uses. Not only can it be used as a cleaning product, but it can also help with gastrointestinal problems and can boost your testosterone levels. Some people use baking soda as a pre-workout item, but it can also work as part of your diet. Baking soda is a great supplement because it is ergogenic - that means that it is a performance-enhancing substance (just like creatine). Using baking soda in your pre-workout shake can improve your squat and bench press performance, your cellular adaption to HIIT and can also supercharge your body's creatine intake


During the past few years, numerous studies have appeared, showing that prebiotics, probiotics and live enzymes have a positive effect on testosterone production. One study from 2014, had a bunch of researchers give male rodents food that was supplemented with the Lactobacillus Reuteri bacteria. In every measured part of the study, the addition of the bacteria resulted in increased testosterone levels. The even bigger news was that apart from testosterone, there were also increases in the testicles size and weight, as well in the luteinizing hormone levels.

Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

You might remember from the earlier review of the Epic bars, that there is no better protein than animal-based proteins. That's why all guys need to have grass-fed beef jerky from time to time. You should try to only buy grass fed (not corn fed) jerky, as that has a complete amino-acid profile and even the fat in that type of jerky is saturated, which is the type of fat you need in order to boost testosterone production. Another reason why you need grass-fed beef jerky is that the corn-fed type can have testosterone-lowering pesticides and fungicides added into it.

Ground Meat

Ground meat (also called "minced meat" outside the US) is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways you can be boosting your testosterone levels. You can buy beef ground meat, or a mix of beef, pork and even lamb. The only thing you need to watch out is to buy organic ground meat - this is similar to how you should only buy grass-fed beef and not the corn-fed variety. There is nothing inherently unhealthy about buying ground meat - just make sure it is fresh and organic.


Pomegranates have been recently studied as a testosterone boosting food. In one human-based study, daily pomegranate juice consumption increased testosterone levels by 24% in just 2 weeks. At the same time, the participants diastolic and systolic blood pressure also dropped. In another study human study (this was a more long-term study, that lasted for 1-3 years), pomegranate juice consumption was linked to a 35% reduction in arterial plaque. At the same time, the juice protected LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese has similar benefits to the ones you read in the Yogurt-review. All types of fermented cheese products are excellent for testosterone production because they contain probiotics, prebiotics, gut-friendly bacteria as well as all the other enzymes that are associated with increased testosterone production. To top it all off, blue cheese also contains generous amounts of testosterone-building saturated fats, as well as the K2 fat-soluble vitamin. The K2 vitamin is one of the most well-known vitamins for increasing your body's total testosterone amount.

Dark Berries

The "dark berries" term contains berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and acai berries. All of these berries have been identified as a healthy food, and are well-regarded for their testosterone boosting effect. The darker the berry is, the higher its antioxidant content - which is what you need, as the more antioxidants you consume, the less inflammation and oxidative damage will take place in your body. Another positive aspect of consuming dark berries is that they are low in calories, but will still make you feel full, which is great if you are trying to lose weight.

Grass-Fed Butter

Even normal butter is an excellent food choice, but grass-fed butter is going to supercharge your diet. Just remember to never buy the synthetic alternative - margarine. Margarine is wholly made out of vegetable oils, and most products do not contain any amount of milk. Real grass-fed butter is a quality source for SFA fats, and it also contains vitamin A, K2, E, and D - all of these vitamins have been linked to increased testosterone production in several different studies. Remember - don't buy margarine.


Sorghum is a weird-sound grain product, that is going to be a welcome addition to everyone that wants to eat more high-carb food that doesn't contain gluten. Potatoes were mentioned as an excellent grain replacement, but not everyone likes potatoes, and they can get repetitive after a while. This is where sorghum comes into action - since it is a high-carb food product, but it doesn't contain any gluten, you can consume it as freely as potatoes. An in-vitro study has shown that a sorghum extract increased 5-alpha-reductase levels by 54%.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil was previously mentioned in this article as one of the few possible alternatives to olive and argan oils. This is because coconut oil is one of the few oils to have a similar fatty acid profile to olive and argan oil, while also being completely unprocessed and unrefined. Unrefined means no chemicals have been added to the product, which is exactly what you want when looking for food to boost your testosterone production. Apart from testosterone, coconut oil also boosts cognitive abilities, the amount of thyroid hormones and metabolic rate.

Organic Bacon

Who knew there was such a thing as organic bacon, but, just like grass-fed and corn-fed beef jerky, there are also different types of bacon. Not only is bacon one of the tastiest foods on the planet (and goes great with scrambled eggs) but it is also packed with muscle-building animal protein and testosterone-boosting saturated fat. As a third bonus, bacon is also full of cholesterol, which is the main direct precursor to testosterone. As you might remember from chemistry class, a molecule cannot be created without having a precursor.


Onions are great not just at building testosterone, but also at keeping your immune system in top shape. Onions are packed with anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and antioxidants. Onions also have a few testosterone boosting compounds - such as apigenin and quercetin. There are several different rodent studies that show that onions had an androgenic effect. One of the best studies on the subject was a study where onion juice was added to the male rodent's feed - the juice increased the rodent's testosterone by over 300%. That is three times over the normal values.


Garlic is kind of similar to onions - some people even mix them up at times. Sure, garlic can give you a bad breath, but is inconsequential to the bigger picture - having a higher testosterone level. Garlic can also cause a man to have stronger erections, due to the fact that it can increase nitric oxide by a whopping 200% when taken together with Vitamin C. There was also a study on rodents that were on a high-protein diet - once garlic was mixed in with the protein diet, testosterone levels increased even further, while cortisol levels plummeted.


Oysters are a very healthy food choice - just as most other fish-products. Oysters are packed with zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, and vitamin D. All of these vitamins and minerals are essential for building testosterone. Since oysters are a meat product, that means that they are also high in protein, and even feature a few rare amino-acids, that are not found in other, more common meat products. One of these rare amino-acids is the D-aspartic acid. If oysters are rare in your area, you can also try eating more sardines.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli and cauliflower are the two main types of cruciferous vegetables. Not only is this type of vegetable low-caloric (which means it is great for losing weight) but it also makes you feel full without having to eat a lot of it. Other benefits include increased testosterone production, while the Indole-3-Carbinol compound increases the excretion of estradiol in some men by up to 50 percent. The less estrogen you have in your body, the higher your flee-flowing testosterone is going to be.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one the most well-known staple foods of bodybuilders throughout the whole world. What you didn't know is that whey protein is also great for boosting testosterone levels (it is also worth remembering that any food that aids in muscle building, is going to be good for increasing testosterone). Whey is a naturally occurring product in milk and is good because it restricts your body's production of cortisol, which means it increases the effect of the testosterone you are already producing.


Tuna, just like sardines and other similar fish-products is rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the essential precursors to testosterone production - but due to the way most people in developed countries spend their days (usually at home or in office spaces), most people are Vitamin D-deficient. This is because apart from consuming it from food, Vitamin D is usually naturally secreted by the body once it is exposed to direct sunlight. As another negative aspect - sunscreens seem to decrease the amount of Vitamin D.

Milk with vitamin D

Here is another product to boost your Vitamin D levels - all milk products have Vitamin D (including cheese and yoghurt) but what may help you, even more, is buying milk that has been fortified with Vitamin D. This is getting the best of both worlds - you are getting milk protein (one of the best proteins for muscle building), while also making sure you are not deficient in the essential Vitamin D. As an added bonus, you can also combine milk with oats to create some tasty oatmeal.

Egg yolks

Egg yolks are a controversial issue - some people swear by them, while others escape them like the plague. The good thing in egg yolks is the amount of fat and cholesterol they have. The cholesterol in eggs has been researched to be perfectly safe - it has not been linked to any kind of heart or other cardiovascular problems. The only people that may need to watch their intake are people that already have pre-existing cholesterol issues. In that case, you should speak to your doctors before deciding on how many eggs to consume.

Fortified cereals

Fortified cereals are kind of similar to the fortified milk that was previously reviewed in this article. Fortified cereals are a great food choice since they can both boost your testosterone levels, and not raise your cholesterol (if that is what worries you about eating eggs). Different kinds of fortified cereals are combined with different types of vitamins and minerals, so you should carefully research the available products and decide which would be best for you - try to look for cereals that are high in zinc.


Oysters were previously reviewed in this article, but you should keep in mind that all other shellfish products are also extremely healthy for you. Since they are a meat-based product, that means you are going to be getting a lot of protein from them. And just like oysters, shellfish are going to be rich with zinc and other trace minerals. For example, a 3-ounce serving of an Alaskan King Crab has a whopping 43-percent of your total daily zinc requirement.

Fava beans

Fava beans are a great source of both fiber and protein. A single cup of fava beans contains 33 grams of carbs, 9 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein. Apart from this, fava beans also contain trace minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, calcium and manganese. As an additional, psychological bonus, fava beans contain L-dopa, an amino acid that aids in the synthesis of dopamine (the "feel good" hormone). Aside from the "feel good" boosting, dopamine has also been linked to increasing the human growth hormone (HGH).


Beans may not be as popular today (due to the prominence of the Paleo diet), but they offer a lot of benefits than they get credit for. All types of beans (meaning white, kidney and black beans) are considered healthy, and they are excellent sources of the aforementioned Vitamin D and Zinc. Baked beans are also healthy and offer many of the same benefits, although the heating process may somewhat reduce their nutritional profile. As a final bonus, beans are a plant-based protein, which means they are a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Chia seed

Chia seeds, just like other similar seeds and nuts, can boost a man's testosterone levels due to the excellent fatty-acid profile. Chia seeds contain a lot of saturated fat, so you should try to consume at least one tablespoon per day. They go great if you combine them in your oatmeal or pre-workout shake. Apart from the fatty-acid profile, Chia seeds are also good due to their protein content, and all the carbs are in fiber form. Fiber-based carbs cannot be digested by the body, which means their calories do not count.


Spinach is a superfood that contains more magnesium than most other available food. Many different studies have proven that magnesium supplementation can boost testosterone. Just like Vitamin D, it seems that many people in developed countries are deficient in Magnesium. This is probably caused by having an unhealthy diet based on different kinds of processed foods. Apart from its magnesium content, spinach also improves nitric oxide production, which means it also works as a pre-workout meal.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are an awesome food choice because they contain the all-natural steroid androstenedione. They also contain many different polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats, and, just like all the other seed and nut products, they have no trans fats. Trans fats, which (alongside PUFAs) are the only types of fat that are bad for your health. Luckily for you, the only types of food that have these kinds of fat are the junky, processed food - meaning chips, chocolate, and fried products.


Few people know that oatmeal was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's main food choice. Oats are great even if eaten by themselves, but their effect can get multiplied tenfold if you combine them with other testosterone-boosting food products. As an example of a super protein-boosting breakfast, you can easily make, combine oats, with Vitamin D fortified milk, together with a sliced banana and a cup of Whey protein. You would have everything you need in your day with this simple food choice.


Celery gets a bad rep in many TV shows, but that's because the people there are haters and don't want you to succeed in becoming stronger, and better looking than the lead actors. Celery is a great food choice because it contains two powerful hormones androstenone and androstenol. These two hormones act in synergy to boost your body's total testosterone production. Some recent studies have even proven that celery's effect is so strong, that you don't even have to chew it - smelling celery was enough to boost testosterone in some of the study's participants.


Almonds are kind of similar to Brazil nuts, with the main difference that they don't contain as much selenium as Brazil nuts. This can be a good thing in itself, since frequently overdosing on selenium can have a bad effect on your body, and may even cause psychological issues. The most recent recommendation by the board of California is to eat 23 almonds per day. California is also one of the largest producers of almonds in the world, so they may be citing a higher figure than necessary - many people believe that even 10 almonds per day are enough.


Bananas are one of the few fruits that contain more starch than fructose - which is what a lot of people want in their food. Starch is slower digesting than fructose and can be more useful in building muscle mass. Another reason why bananas are healthy is because of the bromelain enzyme. This is an enzyme that has been known to boost testosterone production. Apart from that, just like all the other fruits, bananas contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and can be a great addition to any pre and post workout shake.


Ginseng has been known since ancient times to act as a libido and erection enhancer. What ginseng does best is keep your arteries and veins relaxed, which can help improve blood flow. It has the opposite effect on the body than having a high blood pressure. What more can a person want? Well, you might be thinking that ginseng also boosts testosterone since it's on this list - and you'd be right. The steroidal saponins present in ginseng have been shown to increase both testosterone and DHT production.

Goji berries

Goji berries are known as the kind of berries, and are also known as "wolfberries." Goji berries, even when consumed by themselves, can help you improve the quality of your sleep. This means they can help you fall asleep faster, and achieve the deeper states of sleep (the REM phase). Not only are goji berries good for sleeping, but they are also a natural testosterone booster. They contain 18 different amino acids, which aid in muscle building, and also help with weight loss.


Watermelon doesn't come to mind when a person thinks about boosting testosterone. But watermelon works out great - not only is it cheap and tasty, but it is all choke-full of the non-essential amino acid citrulline. Citrulline is a known antioxidant and has vasodilatation properties. Vasodilatation is the relaxing of veins and arteries, that aids in increasing blood flow. Because of all of these reasons, watermelons have been linked to testosterone boosting. If you are not having a slice of watermelon from time to time, you should definitely think about adding them to your diet.

Red wine

Wine is one of the best superfoods listed in this article. Not only is wine great to drink at parties, but it is also extremely healthy both psychologically and physically. In a psychological sense, red wine is very useful since it can treat depression, and improve anyone's mood. Plus it is an excellent icebreaker. Physically, red wine can lower blood pressure, improve heart rate functioning, and it can also boost testosterone. The chemical called "quercetin" is responsible for the testosterone boosting role of red wine.



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