Family Pays Vet to Euthanize Sick Dog, Vet Lies And Does This Instead

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

Adopting a pet can do wonders for your life, for one they can fill a gaping hole in your heart if you're looking for a relationship. Many families tend to get very attached to their pets, whether they're in the form of dogs, cats or even hamsters. To the point that the animals actually end up becoming a part of their family - but unlike humans, dogs and cats have shorter life spans and die a lot sooner than their owners.

Euthanization is one way to deal with them

When animals get sick and old, most families start to realize that their little pet may not linger on for much more. Despite their best efforts to give them proper medical assistance, they have to eventually resort to euthanization - putting them out of their misery.

This is exactly what Tawny Coates decided to do

Tawny's boxer, Zoey grew ill at the age of 10 when a tumor grew on her back. The result was uncontrollable bouts of seizures which could turn the canine into a feral creature. To end the boxer's suffering, the family decided to euthanize it.

Coates asked her father to do the deed

Now the dog has obviously grown on Tawny and she just couldn't take the poor creature to the vet for doing the 'deed' and asked her father to do it instead. A few final goodbyes later, Zoey was scheduled for euthanasia for $215.

It took its mental toll on the family

Zoey was the family's pet for years. In that time the children and elders alike got overly attached to the boxer. They just couldn't get over the emotional trauma and had this huge gaping hole in their hearts.

Six months later the family searched for a replacement

Although it won't really replace the cherished memories of Zoey, a new boxer would give some respite to the grieving family. And so six months later Coates decided to search for a new boxer and scanned comprehensively on Facebook and other social media sites.

What she found was shocking

Tawny had received a condolence card from the doctor in her mail - an act which serves to confirm that the difficult process of euthanasia really did take place. With this information in mind, she was surprised to find Zoey up for adoption!

Zoey was up for adoption

How did a dog, who seemingly died of crippling illness and the vet's lethal injection come back to life. Not only that, but actually get put up for adoption on Facebook? Was the boxer's uncanny resemblance to Zoey a mere coincidence?

The truth comes out

The doctor, Dr. Mary Smart realized that Zoey could actually be saved. And in that moment, she decided to put Zoey up for adoption, but failed to notify the Coates about her dramatic change of plans, which she admits was an error on her part.

Tawny is in a frenzy

Obviously taken aback at the recent development on Facebook, Tawny dropped an angry call to the vet's office, demanding an explanation. Dr. Smart's story was a little different than the father's version of the truth. It was a confusing state of affairs for Tawny.

Dr. Smart's explanation

Dr. Smart maintains that she explained to the father that Zoey didn't really need to be put down. However, Coate's father actually demanded that the dog be put down. In a bid to save the dog, Dr. Smart refused the euthanization and put the boxer up for adoption.

But what about the money?

The $215 bucks which Dr. Smart took from Coate's father were not wasted. Instead, it was used to perform surgery over Zoey's tumor, which only a few weeks ago had sentenced the dog to death. Only problem was that Dr. Smart did not inform Tawny about the change of plans.

Zoey is now healthy

Despite being scheduled for euthanasia and getting a life threatening tumor, Zoey actually managed to pull herself out of the ordeal and come out of it alive. She is as healthy as a new born and was put up for immediate adoption at the vet's office.

The old boxer is reunited with her family

While Tawny was obviously shocked and taken aback at what she thought was the vet's conspiracy against her and Zoey, she did eventually reunite with her old boxer. The family is now happy again and the emotional trauma has been removed from their lives.

Why would the father want to put the dog down?

Tawny's father knew exactly how valuable the dog was to the family, emotionally and psychologically. So if the doctor's narrative is the truth, then the question we wonder is why would he want to put the dog down?

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