Groom Takes Revenge on His Unfaithful Bride By Doing This To Her During Wedding

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

In one of the most messed up ways of exposing your 'better half' ever, a man decided he would reveal his wife's two timing habits to the rest of the world at their own wedding. When everything was going smoothly and the montage was showing their beautiful moments together, the reel quickly cuts straight into the footage of the bride entering into a hotel room with another man. The video even shows the couple getting a little intimate.

"Go to hell"

The groom told his 'bride to be' "Go to hell" and stormed out of the wedding hall. The man obviously knew something was up with his jilted lover and decided he needed some professional help. He hired an investigator.

The investigator

The entire fiasco took place in Singapore. The investigator would carry with her a camera and closely follow the woman around, trying to find any evidence of her cheating activties. The creepy investigator goes by the name of Ms Zhuo.

Ms Zhuo was hired from an agency

The fact that there is an entire agency operating around the market of capturing cheating partners and spouses astounds us to no extent. Ms Zhou was hired from Ajax Investigation And Security Services and even briefed the local media about her creepy adventures.

The groom was a businessman

He was no uneducated man either. The man knew exactly what he was doing and was seething in rage when he found what his partner was doing behind his back. The woman was also a part of the same business.

Ms Zhuo's obvious conclusion was that the her customer would immediately call off the wedding and engagement. But much to her surprise, she actually received an invitation to the wedding. She thought he was willing to let the cheating slide.

The investigator attends the wedding

Ms Zhou was curious as to what would happen - plus all the free food wouldn't hurt her much either. So she decided to take the time out of her busy schedule and attend the wedding. Her customer's real motivations became pretty clear when he highlighted the video in the wedding montage.

Ms Zhou spent 6 months investigating the case

Ms Zhou spent an entire 6 months stalking the woman like a detective. She was extremely thorough and searched every single nook and cranny for evidence. Her efforts eventually paid off when she found the woman entering into a hotel room with another man.

She even managed to record intimate details

According to local media agencies in Singapore, the video even showed the illegitimate couple getting a little intimate on camera. We wonder how the investigator ever managed to get this far into the room without alerting the couple to her presence.

Do such agencies even exist?

Do agencies legitimately exist to stalk people's lives? Shouldn't that be a crime instead of a burgeoning business? We think it should be outlawed to stalk someone's private life and then to have the gall to expose them in front of millions.

Was the man in the right?

We believe the natural course of action was for him to let he go. He had the evidence and should have shown it to the girl and used it as an excuse to end it with her. Instead he had to turn the entire situation into a melodramatic act.

What could be the girl's reaction?

The fact that she was going through with the wedding at all means she was still in love with the man. Or was she in the relationship for other reasons? Either way it must have been a harrowing experience to be exposed like this.

Private investigators

Investigators who stalk other people and expose their private behavior run a thriving business in Singapore. Many people are eager to catch their better half red handed while in the arms of someone else. It seems unfaithfulness turns a nice paycheck at the end of every months for a few individuals.

Is this all private investigators do?

At first you might feel their job is all about catching cheaters and unfaithful lovers, but the job of private investigators goes much beyond that, for instance they search for missing children, perform maid surveillance and lead investigations to help with criminal cases.

Are there any private investigators in the USA?

Private investigators do operate legally under law. They can be hired for much the same purpose as Ms. Zhuo, so if you're cheating on your wife, husband or partner, it stands to reason someone might be stalking you up as well.

Someone may be watching you

The story reveals a frightening realization. The fact that nothing we do indoors can remain indoors if someone is dedicated enough to find out the hidden details. It boggles our mind and makes us feel paranoid. We wouldn't blame you if you were to start look over your shoulder for a possible 'private investigator'.



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