15 Extremely Rare Pictures Of The Past That Will Stun You

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | February 7, 2018

Talking about the days gone by can be really mysterious and equally terrifying. We know too little about these days to form an opinion, but many of us still foster one that is far from the truth. Here we look at not 1, not 2, but 15 images from the past that will change your perception and will make you view the past differently.

Mercury Engine

The industrial revolution really propelled the world forward. Photographic proof that comes after the industrial revolution shows how much the world was developing and the role the railway engine had to play in it. This picture of the mercury engine is from the year 1936 in Chicago.

Harvesting in Manchuria

Manchuria is the region we currently know as China, and had a rich history to boast of. The region was also agriculturally very rich and the women in the area were known for their skills in the field of harvesting.

Women Munition Workers

The WW2 saw the rise of women workers in ammunition factories. These workers would look after the ammunition that was handled during the period. Their skins were reported to have turned yellow due to the line of work they did.

Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael

Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael were the first western group to visit the Great Wall of China. They had gone on a tour of China for 10 days and set a precedent that is to date followed by western groups.

Georgian Hevrusian Tribe

Georgians were known for their tribes and the uniqueness each tribe had associated to its people. This is a Hevrusian Tribe in Georgia, which had its own customs, dressing patterns and rules regulating lifestyle. Just look at their attire.

The Academy Theater

The Academy Theater was one of the first and most popular theaters to come out in Los Angeles. The theater boasted of some of the most amazing performances and audiences that would cheer on from the seats. This picture was taken in the 1940s.

Yemenite Rabbi

Long before we had the internet, Television and more modern methods of communication, there was the radio. The radio was the number one source of acquiring information, as we can see a Yemenite Rabbi listen to it in 1935.

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer became the youngest Junior Miss of America when she was aged only 17 years in 1963. She boasted of great looks and even better elegance. This is a picture of her looking at the NYC skyline and taking pictures of it.

Richard Nixon

People have contrasting opinions about the role of Richard Nixon as the president of the USA, but no one doubts his nature and the interests he had in making USA better. Here is a picture of him in 1955 during a visit to Disneyland.

Queen Elizabeth 2

Call the British Royal family out for everything, but you've got to agree at the end of the day that these guys did have a lot of style to them. Just look at Queen Elizabeth 2 and Prince Philip posing in this photo on a Safari.


The Chinatown in San Francisco was much known for a lot of the Chinese population and the bonding they had with each other. The town was later destroyed during an earthquake and fire that knocked the place down.

Donut Queen

Kris Nodland was the donut queen before this title was even famous. Here she can be seen posing alongside the Gingerbread 'Donut Boy' at a hotel in NYC. She was present at the occasion for announcing the National Donut Week.

Anne Frank's Father

This picture shows the father of Anne Frank visiting the attic in which all of his family used to hide from the Nazis. He was eventually the only member from the whole family that ended up surviving the attacks.

Euclid Avenue

Euclid Avenue is the popular avenue going through Cleveland, Ohio famous for its roads and intercity rail network in between. This picture was taken back in 1911 and shows the avenue in the past glory and style it was famous for.

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