If Your Boyfriend Does These Things, Then It Proves He Genuinely Loves You

Lifestyle | By Ray Porter | October 10, 2017

Love is all around us, but sometimes it can hard to recognize what real love looks like, and what is simply an illusion. While these obviously aren't all the answers, the things on this list should give you a general idea of if the person you're with loves you as much as he says he does. The things at the bottom are the most important, and are common actions of men who are in love.

Morning Texts

He lets you know that you're the first thing on his mind in the morning. That's a great way to know that he cares about you, because he literally starts his day by thinking about you and how you're doing.

PDA is A-Okay

If he's quick to show that he loves you, no matter where you are, you know that he's genuine. If he's okay with saying how he feels in front of friends, or sharing a quick kiss with you in public, he might be a keeper.

By Your Side

If someone is on your side, they might stand by you even when it isn't convenient. If he comes to parties with you or social events where he doesn't know anyone, you can be sure he's doing it just for you--which is a pretty good indicator of how he feels.

Puts Up With Your Selfie Habits

If your guy is quick to get photos of the two of your together, or willing to take the same photo with you over and over again until it's 'just right,' it's probably because he genuinely cares about you, and wants the two of you to be immortalized in photographs.

In Sickness and in Health

When you're sick and bedridden, there is nothing better than being looked after by someone who cares about you. If your man is quick to look after you, even when it's not convenient for him to do so, it's because of a thing called love.

Shopping Companion

This one might not always be the case, but if he's willing to help you with things that guys find boring, like shopping for example, it could be pretty good evidence that he wants you to be happy. Why? Because he loves you more than he hates shopping.

He Loves Your Cooking

While the whole 'the way to a man's heart' thing is a little bit outdated, it's still true that you love the cooking of the person you love. Even if you're the best cook in the world, he should at least try to fool you into thinking that you are!


If he likes to surprise you, be it either with gifts or gestures, it's probably because he thinks about ways to make you happy. Especially if these surprises are personal, and make you feel like he really knows you and knows what you like.

He Takes Your Birthday Seriously

When you love someone, you want them to be happy, and there might not be a better opportunity to make someone happy than on the birthday. If you feel like he tries to meet the expectations of this high-pressure day, it's probably because of how he feels in his heart.

Giving You His Jacket

This one is an oldie but a goldie. If a man gives you his jacket, it's a very romantic gesture for a very specific reason. It means that he would rather be cold, then let you be cold, and is a small way to prove that he puts your needs above his own.

Partners in Dance

Even if he sucks at dancing, if he loves you he might be willing to embarrass the heck out of himself on the dance floor with you. Anything for an excuse to have fun with you and be close to you, while showing you off the world nearby.

He Wears What You Buy Him

Here's a good one. If he's willing to wear whatever you buy him--no matter how much it might suck, it's because he wants to spare your feelings and might put the fact that you bought it for him above whatever value it has in terms of 'style.'

You Have His Gaze

If a man is constantly looking elsewhere, there might be a reason. A guy who his loyal to you should be (mostly, I mean, we're all human after all) loyal in his gaze, and only have you in the center of his eye.

Even When It's Not His Turn

In love, there shouldn't be a 'point total.' Even if it's technically your turn to do something, if he recognizes you need a 'win' he might take the obligation off your hands. For example, with house chores or date nights.

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