These Twins Won The Internet With Their Remarkable Eyes

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | February 6, 2018

These twin girls have managed to win the hearts and minds of the internet because of their unique medical condition. They have exotic physical features to thank for this, the most prominent of which are the blue eyes that have made an amazing mark on the world of fashion. The blue eyes seem to blend in perfectly with their brown skin. Here is what you need to know about them.

Aspiring models

The adorable little twin girls have won the internet because of their blue eyes and brown skin which go hand in hand together. What's more amazing is the fierce face they make in order to capture our attentions.

The eyes

It's entirely amazing how the blue eyes are able to create a stark contrast with their brown skins, giving them unique appearances which are absolutely beautiful to look at. These young girls want to become models when they grow up.

African Americans with blue eyes

It is a rare case for children with African American genes to have blue eyes because it has not been observed a lot in the past. These girls seem to have broken way too many records not too soon after being born.

Their health

The girls are entirely healthy and while their physician was somewhat astounded by their unique appearances, he eventually gave the go ahead. "They're perfectly fine" he says with a smile on his face, knowing that the girls are perfectly healthy.

Trueblue Twins

The girls, Morgan and Megan have been given a very appropriate nick name by their mother, they are called the True blue Twins around the house and have already began to score modeling gigs and participated in fashion shows.

American's Next Top Model

The girls traveled to Jacksonville NC for partaking in a fashion show and met former America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden who only had good words to stay about the twin girls. She inspired them to be models.

Celebrities have shown keen interest

Most celebrities have already began to show an outpour of interest towards the twin sisters. Yandy Smith is a reality TV star from Love and Hip Hop and she has met with the girls for publicity and other opportunities.

Branded clothes

Various brands send Morgan and Megan hordes of clothes to wear, pose in and publicize on their Facebook fan page so people would buy them. This means the two girls are already making tons of cash for their parents.

It's good to make money

And that doesn't have to be bad thing. Some people believe that making too much money early on can be a bad thing but that is far from the truth. All that money will eventually go to their college fund.

The girls have gotten exposure

The two little girls have received appropriate exposure from all the right people and brands. This means that in the future when they do express genuine interest in modeling gigs, they will always have the right people to contact.

Their father is proud

The girls' father, Lovell Knight said that his daughter so far have been modeling for free for the vast majority of their gigs, and while all that exposure is a good thing for the girls, it is time to start earning.

Paid gigs

The girls are now beginning to eye some of the paid gigs. The most recent of which will be the upcoming photo shoot in Toronto, Canada for a kid's clothing retailer. This will be a great opportunity for the girls.

The twins are children at heart

It is surprising to note that despite having received so much exposure from the outside world, the girls remain privy to the weight of their fame and are children at heat. They play games of hide and speak and pay little attention to their parents.

How did the girls become famous?

While it is obvious why the girls are so famous, it wasn't until Camden musician Deyonte Hunter shared the picture of the twins on Instagram. He had 37000 followers and more fans on Facebook. The girls became viral instantly

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