15 Benefits of Being a Short Girl

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | February 6, 2018

Most people are paranoid and insecure about their short statures. They tend to become envious of people who are taller than them. While there certainly are advantages of being a tall person, it goes without saying that short people have their own set of advantages which tall people simply don't get to have. Here are 15 amazing benefits of being a short girl.

You are shorter than your partner

One of the primary characteristics which most women look for in a man is to be taller than them. The man doesn't have to be taller than other men, but he should ideally be taller than his partner.

You can become the small spoon

Because of your tiny stature you can easily become the spoon and just crawl into the loving hold of your partner. Can you imagine a hulking guy taking the role of the little spoon? Won't that be awkward?

Save money during shopping

Because of your short size, you won't be shopping for larger clothes and make tiny little savings. Eventually those savings will translate into a ton of money and pretty soon you would be laughing all the way to the bank.

You can always wear your old clothes

Your old wardrobe can serve as a trip down the memory lane and you can bask in the glory of all the euphoria which one gets when engaging in nostalgia from wearing old clothes because you never managed to outgrow them.

You won't have to worry about bumping things

This is one of those 'tall' people problems. As a short person, you won't have to worry about hitting your head on the sign board and bowing down to prevent your head from crashing with solid wall.

You will look fantastic in those heels

And if you really want to know what it truly feels to be a taller person, just put on those famous heels you bought a few months ago and gain a few inches in height. We promise it won't change much.

You can piggyback people

You have a small body so it is easy to piggyback people and not become a burden on them. This is a specially good advantage when you're tired and can no longer walk without caving under the pressure.

You win at hide and seek

It is incredibly easy to win at hide and seek. This is because you are incredibly small and can fit into tiny crevices and holes. This is not to say about the larger people who always stand out because of their tall stature.

The cinemas won't be a nightmare for you

Tall people frequently get called out during concerts and cinemas because their large sizes are responsible for blocking the line of view. But this is a problem you won't have to contend with. In fact, you might just get to call someone out for blocking the cinema.

You can sleep anywhere

Because you are so incredibly tiny, it is easy to sleep just about anywhere, whether that includes a tiny little bed or a large king sized bed with giant dimensions. All you need is a pillow and sheets.

They think you're younger

Most people tend to believe that short people are younger than their taller counterparts. This can be a very good attribute if you're paranoid about your age and may have hit the 30s and 40s. That shorter size could work in your favor.

People won't notice you in the crowds

In most crowds you won't be noticed. Unless you're waving your hands frantically to get attention. Getting noticed by the crowd doesn't always mean to be a good thing because you tend to get more scrutinized by people in general.

Shorter = Cuter

There is a well known mathematical equation called Shorter = Cuter, which can be roughly translated to "The shorter you are the cuter you look". Shorter people give off less intimidating vibes and are usually seen as non threatening.

Lots of leg room

Most people complain about a lack of leg room when they're travelling. This can quiet easily take its toll on your legs and result in a boring, tiresome journey. Shorter people will have more space to move around their legs.

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