15 Celebrity Lookalikes That Prove Time Travelling Exists

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | February 6, 2018

If you are a believer of time travel, you probably strongly believe that certain celebrities have traveled in time. However, some people do not believe in this, therefore, we have proof for you! Here you will witness celebrity lookalikes from all around the world that will definitely blow your mind! If you are, the type of person that can be freaked out easily, you must brace yourselves because this can get quite freaky. Therefore, without any further adieu let us witness some of histories weirdest lookalikes.

Umm, Matt Damon

A person posted a picture of his or her parents wedding that was held in 1961. The picture is very cute because there are two lovers being united in front of God, but there is something freaky. The man in the wedding photo is an exact copy of Matt Damon.

More Than One JD

The real Johnny Depp enthusiasts will never believe that there is someone in the world that looks just like him! The hardcore fans believe that he is one of a kind and extremely good looking, but what if we told and proved to you that there was a Johnny Depp lookalike.

This Is What They Would Have Looked Like

There is an actual Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliff lookalike from the 70s. The weirdest part is that they for real look like they dressed up according to that time era and took cute pictures together. When in reality, that was just not the case.

Arched Brows and Classiness Personified

Thinking of Eddie Murphy would instantly remind you about his classic arched brows and his classy attire. Although, many may think that others are not blessed with such a style, Eddie Murphy's lookalike really did steal the show when he got the chance.

Beauty All Around

Natalie Portman is well known for her innate talent, but she is also very popular because of her killer looks. This woman has been declared one of the most beautiful females in the world, and incomparable. However, there is a young woman who looked like a Xerox copy of Portman at the ripe age of 13.

Man or Woman

There is a person who has a great, great grandmother than has an uncanny resemblance with Steve Martin. We mean, if Steve Martin ever had to dress up, as a person from the Victorian Era, the outfit the grandmother is wearing, should be the go to.

Beyonce's Man Has a Lookalike

Jay-Z, the man who is married to Beyonce (Queen B) has a lookalike that has thrown many people off. The man in Harlem in 1939 looks just like Jay-Z. Moreover, they have the same -somewhat- confused looks on their face, which makes them look even more alike.

More Man or Woman

Former President Barak Obama has a lookalike that is a White Jewish woman. However, if Mr. Former President was alive in 1962, and if he was a woman, he would totally look just like this woman. Truth be told, the woman does have a more feminine face even though they look the same.

Two Different Worlds Collide

An Egyptian actress named Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) is a Middle Eastern version of the world famous and loved Jennifer Lawrence. They have almost the same wide foreheads with gleaming eyes that are enough to leave anyone in awe. Time for another a Middle Eastern Mystique.

Harry Potter and His Spells

Turns out there is another woman out there that has a very similar resemblance to everyone's favorite, Harry Potter. This young boy has not only managed to swipe kids of their feet because of his insane magic tricks, but he also has the ability to awe everyone with his looks.

Why You Gotta Be So Cold

I mean finding lookalikes it as fun and games, but comparing an individual's looks to statues is just not cool. Although, Michael Jackson was known as the "king of pop," because he underwent so many surgeries, people have started comparing him to olden time Egyptian statues.

Family of Celeb Lookalikes

This olden time family has resemblance to two of Hollywood's hot shots, Taylor Swift and Hugh Ferner (brother). The married couple is the perfect couple lookalike because many Swifties thought that "aint no one that can look as gorgeous as Tay Tay."

Not So Grease Lightening

At some point in time, every girl would get a mini heart attack when she would hear the name "John Travolta." This man was known as the ultimate heartthrob and irresistible, but we cannot say what the people in the 1860's thought about his identical copy...


The girls of the 21st century are absolutely in love with Dave Franco. Whether they appreciate his acting skills or not, they are very appreciative of his good looks. In the past, there was a person that was blessed with an uncle that looked a lot like the one and only, Dave Franco.

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