Was The Real Life Avril Lavigne Was Replaced By A Look-Alike?

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

When Avril Lavigne changed her style from rowdy teen punk to rowdy pop princess, it took a little time to adjust. No longer would she tell anybody "C U L8ter boi," and the teen angst that dotted her earlier sad songs now seemed all but outgrown. As much as we might miss the old Avril, we simply have to accept that as she's grown up, her style and tastes have led her in a different direction.

But if you're into conspiracy theories, you can have a different point of view.

Or, if you really want to, you can believe she's not Avril at all and has been played by an imposter for the last 14 years. If you like the sound of this better, one person on Twitter is more than happy to lay out the perfect conspiracy theory for you.

Before we start, I should be fair.

This conspiracy theorist isn't claiming to spit "100% facts" here. It's just a fun thing. I'm also happy to say this theory has absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati or space reptiles, which is always refreshing. But it seems that something isn't quite sitting right with her.

So what makes the story so compelling?

So what makes her and the others who seem to like this theory so sure that there's more going on than a simple style change? Strap in, folks, because it's storytime! Hold on to your hats, coz this ride is wild and bumpy.

So the story goes that when Avril's first album blew up, she couldn't handle the paparazzi.

She was used to living a normal, private life and needed a way to make her career take off without sacrificing what she had before. And no, it's not just you, this does sound a lot like the premise behind Hannah Montana.

But in this story, Avril did Miley one better by hiring a double.

This person was apparently named Melissa Vandella (don't ask by who, I guess) and her job was to walk around Los Angeles and bait the photographers. The two supposedly went on to become best friends. Then, as a joke, Avril apparently decided to teach Melissa to sing and talk like her.

Practical joker, much?

Ah, that Avril. Always spending the hours of vocal coaching needed to make her friends sound exactly like her. What a joker! And it is a good thing she did because Melissa's job was about to get a lot bigger.

A change in Avril's temperament?

After some personal tragedies, Avril apparently cried often in interviews and performances and spent all her time locked in her apartment writing songs for her sadder second album. How do we know all of this? Why, because of an unknown source, of course! They're always so reliable.

Her unhappiness led to an exit from the music industry entirely.

And after recording Under My Skin, Avril supposedly left the picture entirely. And so, left with an album and no Avril to sing it, her label turned to Melissa to presumably spend the rest of her life pretending to be Avril.

Bottomline: Avril's not Avril

And so, all of her music since is supposed to be Melissa trying to imitate her friend - but not quite matching her style. Guess Avril never taught Melissa to write like her as a joke, which is a shame.


Apparently, Melissa doesn't have the same birthmarks as Avril (not that there are any photos comparing them) and nervously dodged the theory in an interview that nobody can produce. Well, folks, I'd say you've cracked the case of the secret Avril because this theory is completely airtight.

To conspiracy nuts, this seems like the perfect explanation for Avril's changed persona on "Hello Kitty".

After all, the track introduced an extremely different Lavigne to what her fans had come to know. Gone were the fingerless gloves and scarlet streaks, and the SK8R Boi aesthetic. This Avril was too girly and kawaii to be the real thing.

Some versions of the theory even posit that the real Avril is dead.

While she was working on a new album, Avril's grandfather passed away. During this time, submerged under the pressure of releasing a new record, the toil of fame, and this new loss, Avril entered a deep and dark depression. She would later be found dead at her home and her family, record label, and anyone else in the know kept quiet.

Here's a clue that supports the theory.

Avril Ramona Lavigne's double was called Melissa Vandella and the two quickly become friends. Is it just a funny coincidence that the name Melissa was written in permanent sharpie ink on Avril's hand during a photo shoot? Or was it a clue?

Let's have a look at the clues fans apparently noticed.

It was specifically fans from Brazil that began to suspect something nefarious was afoot. Just look at these screenshots below that show the difference between the real Avril Lavigne and her double. Yep, that seems to be definitive proof, all right.

This theory keeps resurfacing every now and then.

Of course, the guy behind the Brazilian fansite has since claimed that "Avril Lavigne never died" and "was never replaced by a lookalike" and that the theory was cooked up as an experiment to explain how, with the right information, you can make anyone on the internet believe anything.



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