15 Thoughts We Have After Being Single For Way Too Long

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 5, 2018

The vast majority of us who've had single lives realize very early on that while we have a large list of advantages, we are missing out on a lot in life. Nasty thoughts begin to creep into our minds which question our personal integrity. We begin to question our self worth and wonder if we'll ever find the right person. Here are 15 musings of a single person.

Am I attractive?

One of the most obvious questions a person asks from their conscience. "Am I attractive enough to captivate someone and win them over?" The answer to all of these questions should be an astounding "Yes". But our paranoia can muddle the answer somewhat.

Maybe I'll find my soul mate here

When you don't have a partner to share your life with, it is a very natural thing to begin hunting for them in potential hot spots such as clubs, malls, nightclubs and seminars. Universities and colleges are also good places to look at.

"I will end up lonely"

Perhaps you've been watching too many soap operas about single men and women in which they end up lonely and miserable. You superimpose their image on your future self and begin to get depressed at the prospects.

"I should totally ask her out"

Or "I should totally ask him out". Either way, whenever someone catches your fancy, the first thought that comes to your mind is to somehow find your way into their lives. Maybe a catchphrase will catch their attention.

"Would be nice to share this bed space with"

Ah yes. This most common problem facing single owners of king sized beds. Who can you possibly share all this magnificent amount of space with? Perhaps the figment of your own imagination or maybe a body pillow. (People actually do that!)

"Who's gonna clean up the mess?"

Single people tend to have very messy and untidy rooms because there is no one else around to clean it up. At some point in their disheveled lives they begin to ask themselves the important question, "Who will clean this mess up?"

"I am not worthy enough"

A harmful conclusion one eventually draws towards after reflecting long and hard about why they are still single this long into their lives. "Obviously I am not worthy enough!" Relationships are more complicated than your own selves.

"Will this look good on me?"

Trying out a new dress without someone complimenting it (or even commenting on it) can drive the single person insane. After all there is a reason why they're dressing up in the first place, to impress "someone"!

"Will this Facebook post attract him?"

Facebook and social media in general are good hot spots to shop for a potential partner. And every single person has thought to themselves if a witty post on Facebook could be enough to win someone over.

"Emotional movies are so boring"

People who are single and have never experienced love in their lives will probably fail to empathize with romantic movies. To them, the interactions between the protagonists are entirely boring and pointless. That however soon changes when they find a partner.

"There is no such thing as true love"

Cynicism is another common trait which mostly single people who have never experienced love or have loved anyone in their life. They find it hard to comprehend the mere idea that there is such a thing as 'true love'.

"Love is nonexistent"

Single people believe that love is non existent. That relationships are merely an exchange of certain benefits between two individuals. This could include intimacy, companionship and even financial support. But they fail to realize that love transcends all these superficial things.

"No one will notice if I fart"

This is true for both men and women. Because there is none around to notice their rampant flatulent activities, they will engage in this behavior unapologetically. After all it is entirely true that there is no one around to notice it.

"Will my future partner find me attractive?"

Attractiveness is a subjective term. What may result in you falling head over heels for someone might look lackluster to someone else. But if you're comfortable in your own skin, chances are that you will be found attractive.

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