Signs That A Woman May Be In Need Of Intimacy

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | February 5, 2018

Our bodies are very smart and attuned to our needs, whether we realize it or not. Women's bodies especially can be very responsive to over or under nourishment, and the way we treat them. There are even certain signs that can mean a woman is in desperate need of intimacy and feeling cared for. Men, keep a lookout for these signs from the women in your life and if needed, do what you can to help them out whether it be by giving a big hug or being the big spoon.

Body Language

Our bodies have a language of their own and there are many ways that they tell us what we need more or less of. Countless doctors and scientists are dedicated to learning more about our bodies and finding out what more and more signals mean.

Different Signs

As one can expect, there are different signs that show up in male and female bodies that mean different things. A sign that means one thing with a male, means something totally different for female. It is important to be mindful of the differences and what they can mean.

8 Ways

There are 8 signs that when displayed by women, have been scientifically proven to mean that the woman is craving intimacy and a feeling of closeness. There are, of course, other ways that the signs can be remedied or taken care of, but scientists think intimacy is the best and most natural way.

Needing Aspirin

According to doctors, if a woman is experiencing a lot of headaches, medicine may help temporarily but not be what she needs. Doctors and scientists have found that having sex releases the feel good brain chemical endorphins, which will act as a natural painkiller. Put down that Aspirin!

Irritated Skin

Apparently, acne or otherwise irritated skin can be a sign of lack of intimacy. Not having sex for a long period of time, which can result in low progesterone, can lead to more acne and rash flare ups. If your girlfriend is having a bad skin day, drop this fact and suggest getting busy.

No Glow

Many people know that having sex gives females a youthful glow, but many don't know the science behind it. Having sex increases the collagen in a woman's skin resulting in fewer wrinkles and that youthful glow. More collagen also promotes smoother skin and protects against damage.

Flu Season

If you're always getting sick, the time of year may not be the only culprit behind your illness. When you go long periods without having sex, antiviral antibodies can decrease by almost 30%. To keep sickness at bay, spend more time in bed with your loved one.

Easily Forgetful

Having sex increases blood flow to your brain and other parts of your body. It makes sense then, that your brain will work better after sex. If you notice the woman in your life forgetting things frequently, more sex may be the remedy. Sex and brain health for the win!

Low Self Confidence

This one should come as no surprise to males and females. Getting intimate more frequently boosts a woman's self confidence and esteem in a way that few other things can. Besides getting busy, make sure to tell your woman how beautiful she is inside and out more frequently.

Social Butterfly

If your girlfriend or wife was once a social butterfly, but has recently had trouble getting into the mood to be social and hang out, sex may be just what she needs. We learned earlier that having sex releases endorphins, which are feel good brain chemicals that can also help with boosting social habits and overall happiness.

Night Owl

Women who suffer from insomnia even after getting physically and mentally tired and even trying sleeping pills may need sex to cure those sleepless nights. Another brain chemical that sex helps to release is oxytocin which can help with getting more sleep. What better thing to do when you can't sleep anyway, right?

Sex As Exercise

Besides fixing a lot of issues in both men and women, sex is also just plain beneficial for the body both mentally and physically. For those busy people who can't seem to fit the gym in their busy schedule, sex is a fun alternative to burn those calories. And you can do it at home!

Bladder Control

This is an added bonus that we had no idea about. Regular sex for females can help to increase bladder control and strength. Sex helps to strengthen women's pelvic floor, which are the muscles that allow them to control their bladder. With incontinence affecting up to 30%, this is a great reason to have more sex.

Heart Health

Having a more active sex life means you are at a lower risk for heart disease. Regular sex helps to balance the estrogen and testosterone in the body, leading to a healthier heart. It also momentarily raises blood pressure, which is why it also counts as good exercise.

Even Better Than We Thought

Besides fixing all of these issues and being super beneficial, sex is just plain fun. Having sex with the person you love is one of the best things and it just makes it that much better that doing it more frequently can help with countless problems. So next time you have some free time, take it to the bedroom and have fun and help your body!



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