Choose 1 Out Of the 4 Men In This Picture To Reveal About Your Personality

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

We all have got hidden personality traits we're just not aware of. Whether we like it or not, those dark streaks of our personality can sometimes take over, so much so that you might forget your true personality. The picture here has four men atop a tree, and all you have to do is just select one. Each man has a personality trait to highlight. Your choice of man perched on the tree will say loads about your character.

Why should you choose a person from the picture?

You might be confused about what this picture could have to do with your personality. Well, each selection involves a different thought process. There are three men in the picture who are holding a saw and trying to pull the tree down, as you can see.

But one person's different.

The old man in the corner isn't trying to saw the tree down, perhaps because he realizes that he's going to fall anyway if the second or third accomplish their mission. Your first instinct might be to pity this poor man.

So choose one of the four.

So come on, choose one! We have something in store for you. Depending on your choice, we're about to reveal something pretty cool about your personality. So I hope you have already chosen one of the four men in the picture!

Did you choose 1?

Oh dear, this isn't so good for you! You are a submissive kind of person, which is harmful for you. You allow people to walk over you. You're something of a doormat, so even if someone wants you to do something you don't want to do, you say yes.

If you chose 1, you might have to change.

You are someone who gives up easily and is easily dominated by other more strong minded people. Even if you have your own mind, you tend to not speak it in favor of keeping a shaky peace. You'd rather be quiet than happy.

The characteristics of someone who chose 1

You avoid fights, and people take advantage of this. People often tarnish your image to polish theirs. Moreover, you try to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible. You do not speak up for yourself when you should.

Did you choose 2?

If you chose the second man, then you are surely the one person who is always in haste. You tend to make hurried decisions and as a result land yourself in trouble. You never take the time to think things through like you should.

If you chose 2, you might have to change.

You need to curb your excitement. It's okay to be excited by things, but not to the extent that you rush headlong into everything without giving a thought to the consequences. You need to slow down and actually pay some heed to whatever is happening.

The characteristics of someone who chose 2

You are gullible and do not listen to yourself. Stop trusting people blindly and give time to yourself to think. You've been given a brain, so make use of it to make good judgment calls. It's not smart to just rush into everything.

Is your choice 3?

You are an extremely aggressive personality, and impulsive, too. You are an outright opposite of Number 1. Your aggression might be cause for personal trouble, but it can also lead you to great heights professionally if it is channeled properly.

If you chose 3, you might have to change.

It's good to know your own mind and to have a certain level of aggression. However, if this is taken to its logical extreme, you risk cutting off the people in your life. You need to let go of your ego and be ready to listen to the people close to you.

The characteristics of someone who chose 3

Although you're aggressive, you are strong willed, too. You know exactly where you stand and have well-defined goals for yourself in life. You can stand against anyone for yourself. You can become a great entrepreneur, thanks to these personality traits.

Is your choice 4?

Well, you are a rebellious badass. You only listen to yourself and love to tweak the norms. However, there's also a good chance that you're also unable to see where you're going because you're more interested in being rebellious than in thinking things through.

If you chose 4, you might have to change

Don't fall out of the tree just because you want to be different from everyone else. It's good to have your own special vision, but it's equally important to be smart about it. You should find people who share the same ideas as you so they can support you.

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