This Little Girl Takes a Photo With a Horse, And The Photo Goes Viral For This Reason

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

Take pictures, leave only footprints - is the motto for most people during special occasions. Whether you have births, marriages, holidays or a national day off, people capture memories by taking pictures. And then relive those memories a couple of years later by browsing through those snapshots. Sometimes however, the unexpected happens and you end up finding oddities and other goofy elements in your picture. A phenomena which is known as a photobomb - and this girl had the perfect photobomb for her dad.

The power of a picture

A picture can tell a thousand words, and the perfect picture can actually tell an entire story. The media as we know it is known to manipulate the same picture to tell an entirely different story. For instance, this picture shows us two soldiers either killing an enemy soldier in cold blood or saving his life.

Pictures can instantly turn you into a celebrity

Before the advent of social media, when you couldn't share a picture with a million different people at the same time - a chance at having a genuine shot at the limelight involved visiting countless media agencies and making thousands of dollars to pay them for a good picture.

But social media changed everything

It doesn't take much for an especially goofy and quirky picture to make the headlines and go viral around the internet. They can either turn you into an instant celebrity or make you the laughing stock of the entire internet.

The perfect photobomb

And photobombs are one of the better ways of going viral on the internet. An element of surprise which you're not expecting in your photo session makes an appearance out of nowhere. Photobombs can both ruin a photo or elevate into the level of art.

Back to the story of the little girl

So the girl was enjoying an average day, spending time with her family in what was supposed to be a fun day out. They were watching large Clydesdale horses walk about in some sort of a parade and the girl posed for the camera.

The father takes one more look at his snapshot

The dad obviously asked the girl to smile for the camera, using expressions such as 'say cheese' to get her to smile. Well, to their surprise, one of the horses actually smiles to the camera, while turning its head to the left - mimicking what most humans do.

Origins of the photo

The innocent little picture was an instant shot to fame, if you could call it that. But the girl's five minutes of fame are far from over. The picture has been shared on various online forums such as reddit, attracting thousands of upvotes and likes alike.

But where did the photo come from

According to Time, the very first time when the picture was uploaded on Reddit was way back in 2016. But the account responsible for the earliest circulation of the picture was on Reddit has since been deleted. Many speculate that the picture originally came from The Wolf 101.5 FM.

The internet's reaction

One post says, "I just can't get enough of this picture. It made my day." Another one says, "I was going through crippling depression, but this photobomb helped me recover!" The entire internet is bursting out in a cascade of laughter.

A little about Clydesdale horses

Standing at about 6 feet tall at shoulder length and weighing in at 2000 pounds, these majestic creatures are far more powerful than an average horse. They combine the strength of more than 50 professional weightlifters. Their primary distinguishing feature is the feather above their hooves.

The Queen's favorite horse

One day Queen Elizabeth II saw a beautiful Clydesdale pulling a milk cart and instantly fell in love with the animal. She entered the animal into the royal service as a drum carrier to move around the 90ish pound silver kettle used by the Household Cavalry band.

They are an endangered species

Their population dipped to an all time low of around 80 animals but once their popularity began to grow, more breeding centers came into existence and they are now estimated at around 5000 animals, with 600 being born every year.

Other examples of famous photobombs

But it isn't just the Clydesdale which is known for photobombing its way into family pictures. This pregnant woman was strolling by the beach when a dolphin just happened to jump out of the sea. Her husband snapped the picture at the right time, sending the entire internet admiring at the perfect timing.

Here's a giraffe sticking out its tongue

When this husband tried taking a selfie with his wife, a giant giraffe casually appeared in the camera's frame and stuck out its tongue while also making the famous duck face - almost as if he's parodying what many young girls tend to do in their picture.

Love making in the background

Another couple wanted to take picture with nature. We can assume from their dress that this is a special occasion, maybe a wedding or anniversary of some sorts. Much to their chagrin (or fascination) one of the cows in the background decided its mating season and jumped on to a female cow right next to it.



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