Things Men Only Do When They're Head Over Heels In Love

Lifestyle | By Ray Porter | February 2, 2018

It's often hard for the opposite sex to read each other. Women seem too complex for men to comprehend, and men seem simple, unthinking, and unpredictable to women. If you know what you're looking for, however, there are always signs you can read in a person's behaviour. Add that to the fact that we live in an age or insecurity and anxiety, it can be hard to tell if when he says "I love you" he means it, or if he feels it even though he hasn't said it yet.

He Makes Sacrifices

When your partner is in love with you and committed to the relationship, he will do anything in his power to be with you. The sacrifices he makes can take form in many ways, he could move to be close to you or something as small as spending a romantic night with you instead of a night at the sports game.

Truly Listening

There's a significant difference between listening and hearing. When a man is involved and interested in what he's hearing, or it's being said by someone he loves, he's more than likely to actually listen to what's being said. If he's in love with you, he will almost always pay this kind of loving attention to you.


He'll get jealous, there is definitely too much jealousy. That possessive and obsessive jealousy is something to look out for, but a man that loves you is going to have little flair ups of jealousy from time to time. It's actually really cute.

Your Always Beautiful to Him

In a relationship goes on, faults are noticed. To someone in love, those faults make them fall deeper in love as that show complexity and depth in the partner. A man in love will never find you not to be beautiful because he loves all of you, even the bits you don't love.

He Tries with Your Friends and family

To him the people that are important in your life are important to him too now. It's because he wants to fit into your life and wants to ever strengthen your other relationships if possible. He'll express this by showing keen interest in your friends and family.


A man in love is not afraid to show his emotional and venerable side to the person he is in love with. This will be very noticeable because usually a man will hide that side to the best of his abilities from everyone except maybe his mother.

Taking Responsibility

When issues come up between you two a man in love is not trying to win the argument or relationship, he's genuinely worried about the threat to the relationship and that something may be hurting the person he loves. This lets him see and own up to his role in the issue.


As a man falls in love, he may actually become rather clingy. In new passionate relationships, this is often reciprocal and you two spend all your free time together. If it is unbalanced though it's not the end of the world because over time this 'loving clinginess' fades a bit.

Plans and Direction

Men making plans for you and him together long into the future shows his love for you. Men don't do this unless they are truly in love. When they are in love they start planning and moving towards a future with you in it, whether that be a house together or a family.

Planning the Next Date

A man in love wants to spend all his time with you, he's so excited about you he won't be able to contain it. This makes him always want to know when the next time he'll see you is and may even try to plan the next date before the date you're on even ends.

Introduces You to Friends and Family

If he's introducing you or planning on introducing you to all his friends and family then he's almost definitely in love with you. It's not a test you have to pass but rather he wants to show you off to them. He's most nervous you won't like them, not the other way around.

Fun Dates

Not only is he always trying to figure out the best dates to take you on, but he has the best time with you on these dates. He is in such a good mood when you're out together that it's infectious. This is one of the things new love does to a man.

Physical Fun

If you two haven't slept together yet, and sometimes even if you have, he will be equal parts nervous and excited to have some physical fun with you and make that sexual connection. He'll be an attentive lover and take his time to explore every inch of your body.

Loves to Spoil You

Especially if he's a traditionalist, he'll love to pay for dinner or tickets etc. he'll also want to buy you gifts and just spend money on you and spoil you in general. This doesn't necessarily mean he is trying to buy your affection, you'll have to feel the difference for yourself.

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