This Is How You Will Love Someone According To Your Zodiac Sign

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 1, 2018

It is typical human behavior to try to characterize and typify someone else's behavior and understand them on an intimate level. But human emotions are not robotic at all and you can't just base it around a bunch of mathematical equations, star signs or in this case, a bunch of zodiac sign. Science has consistently proven that heavenly bodies have no influence on us whatsoever.

Zodiac signs

Every other person with come with their own 'prediction' and 'understanding' of what each zodiac sign might mean. There is no particular definition or standard with which you could hold these predictions accountable. This isn't really the case with science, where everything is agreed upon.

People depend on them

Most people heavily depend on zodiac signs and take them incredibly seriously. They will create their entire life pattern around those signs because it is so much better to entrust your future into the unknown than to actually trust your own instincts.

The zodiac signs

Astrology has very little to do with reality but because so many people heavily trust them, it has become a profitable industry. Everyone is making 'predictions' in exchange of donations. Here is what the 12 zodiac signs say.


Aries are constantly engaged with their partners in a sort of tug of war which is a desperate struggle for control over the relationship. Their slogan is somehow aligned with conflict because Aries directly translates to "God of War".


These people are paranoid that their partner will end the relationship very early. They're always on edge and desperately try to make sure they are not on the wrong side of the fence from their better half.


They are engaged in a war of wits with their better half. Always teasing them with words in attempts to get a rise out of them. Of course it is all done in the spirit of fun.


They know the relationship is probably not going to last forever so they don't get their hopes up too high. But they do value the time being until which the relationship has been stretching on and will try their best to protect it.


They are social animals and have a large number of friends outside of their immediate relationships. They value each of these relationships with the utmost of sincerity, which sometimes directly gets in the way of their relationship.


They take it to heart the phrase, "Honesty is the best policy" and will maintain the relationship up until the point when they start detecting that their better half has been using lies to get their point across.


They love to maintain their peace. Although they love the occasional companionship every now and then, if it takes too much of their personal space, they would rather call it off. They prefer living single lives for long periods of time.


They really want to learn what's going on inside the minds of their partners. This means they really value all the secrets which they manage to extract and get deeply hurt when its found the secret was intended to be kept away from them.


Hope is what makes us strong. Hope is what powers the world. Hope is what has fuelled humanity and taken them away from the problems of life into the relatively comfortable era of the modern times. A Sagittarius typically seek such contentment from relationships.


Capricorns will chase after you and pursue your love until you make it resoundingly clear you want absolutely nothing to do with them. So while they won't give up they knew you're an option, but it is not an option, the two of them can't fight.


What they're after is exotic beauty. Common isn't going to cut it. So if don't belong to a particular demographic, try to make up for it by adopting their cultural dress codes instead. That could make you look more 'exotic'.

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