15 Things You Can Do To Get The Man Of Your Dreams

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 1, 2018

While we have read dozens of articles on what women find attractive about men and how they should go about winning the heart of their crushes, it is high time we started writing an article on what actually attracts to men. Here are 15 things women can do to become more attractive to their partner and win over their love to start a healthy relationship.

Stay in shape

It is obvious isn't it? To stay in shape and try to get that hourglass figure because it is the very definition of hotness. Men chase after it. Women envy those who have it. It is the epitome of female beauty.

Be independent

Men now want to chase after women who come across as independent, This includes them earning their own income and living in their own place (preferably). They don't want you to be a financial burden on them.

You need to have feminine qualities

This is pretty obvious. Women need to possess feminine traits, this includes a bit of shyness and blushing. If some women prefer the Tomboy outfit, then at least they should maintain as much feminine character as possible.

Be submissive

This obviously has negative overtones behind it. By submissive we mean trying to please him so he can understand that you care enough about him. This way he will reciprocate the same feelings and make you happy.

Be happy

Men chase after women who have a wife smile plastered on their face. If men date unhappy women, they begin to blame themselves for their miseries and end up feeling guilty. They prefer to create a distance between themselves and unhappy women.

Make him feel masculine

You need to make your man feel masculine because that is what turns him on. Act like a damsel in distress for the knight in shining armor to come to your rescue. This makes him feel so special about himself that he falls in love you.

The sex

This is the most obvious benefit of having a relationship. The sex. Without good sex, there is no love. Because love needs a strong foundation to stand upon, and good sex is all the foundation needed for a healthy relationship.

Express intellectual acuity

You should be able to hold a conversation with him. Take the driver's seat when it comes to talking to him because men are attracted to women who are able to sustain an intellectual conversation with them.

You should cook for him

We understand that mainstream media has demonized women cooking in the kitchen. But it really doesn't hurt at least once in a while for you to cook for him. Make sure it is fresh food and not just leftovers.

Men want you to be sensual

They don't want you to be overly sexualized, but sensual. It doesn't have to be about sex all the time. Just pull off all those amazing feminine qualities you posses without appearing lewd and you will win him over.

Use little make up

It can be understood that women take their selfies and makeovers a little too seriously, spending minutes on end (if not hours) trying to pull off their perfect look. But this actually backfires more than you'd like to admit.

Have few guy friends

Don't have too many guy friends around because he will begin to feel paranoid. And rightly so. No matter how far removed they are from the idea of sex in friendship, they do consider the possibility somewhere in the recesses of their mind.

They want to trust you

Men want to know that they can trust you with their secrets. That you won't spill over their secrets to someone behind their backs and expose them to a world of trouble and embarrassment. That you would honor their secret.

Don't correct his behavior

If you truly feel that his table manners leave much to be desired, there is a proper way to going about things. Use subtle means of teaching him how to groom himself instead of blurting it out in public (or even private).

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