Things That Make A Man Want To Marry You

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 1, 2018

Marriage is probably the final evolution of any successful love saga. It starts with a few shy glances here and there, initiation of conversation and then basic rules of engagement such as a trip to the theater and the mall. Once the couple has decided they are compatible enough, they take it to the next level. The final stage of their love story culminates with marriage. Here are 15 things men look for in women.

They maintain themselves

These women maintain themselves and look after their appearances. They don't always have to don the most stylish of dresses, but what does matter is when they wear a dress, they wear it with confidence and a bright smile.

Being compatible with him

Guys look for women who are compatible with them. They should ideally share the same goals and passions, this could include a love for sports, video games or just plain binge watching Netflix cozily reclined on a couch.

Being financially secure

Women these days should have the chops to remain financially independent. This makes them look as confident women who don't really need a 'man' for support. It adds to their attractiveness and make men chase after them.

Don't become too angry at him

While it is perfectly understandable to show some anger towards him, it is downright unhealthy to remain angry at him for prolonged periods of time. It just means you don't want anything to do with him and this is how he will understand the message.

Take his word of advice

When your partner offers advice, take it. While they may not have the best approach to giving you advice, they are acting out in your best self interest. Even if you don't agree with them, do let them know you appreciate their suggestion.

Be relaxed around him

Drop all your guards and defenses around him to make sure that you both can connect with each other on a personal level. If you keep that guard up high, it can very easily destroy things from the inside out.

Keep his secrets a secret

Stop gossiping around his back and make sure you don't let the world become privy to his secrets which he told you in private. By showing restraint when it comes to his secrets, you affirm yourself as the ideal partner.

Be a source of comfort

This is especially true if he is always in a constant source of stress. If you can remain calm during that time and make him feel confident about himself, he will generally feel safe and the stress will slowly slip away.

Sources of disagreement

While it is extremely natural to disagree with someone, the way you go about disagreeing is the most important thing men look for. Do you respectfully disagree or throw up a tantrum about it? The latter can destroy relationships

Ask him for help

Men like to be 'knights in shining armor' to their women who they sometimes like to treat as 'damsels in distress'. If you can make him feel like a knight and yourself as a vulnerable 'queen in a caste', he will fall in love.

Show him respect

Respect is a two way street in any relationship. And instead of waiting for him to give you some respect, you should try giving him respect. This will create a good precedence for him and he will reciprocate your love.

Don't press his buttons

While it is generally a good idea to play around with him and tease him every now and then, it is not healthy to push him over the edge and make him angry. If he becomes irritated, the love will go down the drain.

Give him gifts

It helps to give him gifts every now and then to make him feel surprise. An element of surprise around the corner will keep him hooked to you band he will always look forward to the next meeting, and eventually fall in love.

Be forthright with him

Honesty is the best policy and being forthright with him is the arguably the easiest way into his heart. Let him know what you truly feel about him and how you can prove to be the ideal partner in his life.

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