How To Tell If Your Man Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Lifestyle | By Ray Porter | February 1, 2018

It's often hard for the opposite sex to read each other. Women seem to complex for men to comprehend, and men seem simple, unthinking, and unpredictable to women. If you know what you're looking for, however, there are always signs you can read in a person's behavior. When a man is falling out of love, his unpredictability is at its utmost, but he will display these 15 behaviours for you to read and realise what is happening.

Freeing Himself of Blame

When a man starts saying things like "You are not the same anymore" your ears should prick up. This isn't the end yet but it's the start of a slippery slide. He will eventually then say something along the lines of "You Don't Love Me Anymore", and this is it. When this happens, give him hell because he is trying to put his own faults and issues with the relationship on you.

Demanding Space

This one is not a definite sign, but more of a warning signal. It's normal in a relationship that in the beginning you spend nights and days together but as time goes on you both start enjoying a balance of time apart and together. Just be careful because too much time apart can encourage a breakup but so can feeling suffocated and trapped.

Loss of Direction

When your partner is in love with you and committed to the relationship, he will do anything in his power to be with you. As his love starts to fizzle, instead he will lose his direction and be contemplating his options and confused about the future.


If he's not asking for space then he'll be making the dumbest excuses to not spend time together, or maybe even both. There'll always be a reason he can do the things you would want to do together, and your weekend plans are on the chopping block too.

Making New Friends

When he starts to ignore you when he spends time with his friends this could be a big issue. It's not new male friends that are the problem either, it's when he's spending time with girls you haven't met before that it becomes an issue.

Loss of interest

There's a significant difference between listening and hearing. When a man is involved and interested in what he's hearing, or it's being said by someone he loves, he's more than likely to actually listen to what's being said. If it seems like he's never really listening anymore, then you've got a problem.

Boring Date Nights

At the start of a relationship, date nights with him are amazing and fun but not anymore. Now, you guys have nothing to discuss, he doesn't let you into his life, he gives you the same old replies to everything you say and sits on his phone all day.

No More Physical Fun

Relationships are definitely built on emotions, connection, and care but you can't ignore the importance of physical and sexual connection. Spending nights together and growing that physical and sexual connection holds its own significance and if he's avoiding it you're in the red.

A Lack of Effort

He should be showing interest in your day and asking how it went and what happened. If he's not interested in your day and life it probably means he feels like the relationship has become a routine. If he was in love with you the relationship would be less of a routine and more of a passion.

Getting Cheap

A good relationship isn't about the money, for either party. That doesn't mean a girl doesn't want to be spoilt by her man every now and then. It's a treat for him when you pay the bill but if he's always asking you to pay or split the bill or cancelling things constantly because they are too expensive.


If he keeps forgetting arrangements and meeting you two have made it could be that he is just so busy, but the odds aren't great. If he's in love with you, every time he misses a meeting he will want to spend time with you even more.

He Wants You to Change

It's not uncommon for you both to seem perfect to each other in the beginning, as a relationship goes on, faults are noticed. To someone still in love, those faults make them fall deeper in love as that show complexity and depth in the partner. A person not in love will want you to change these faults.

The Blame Game

Relationships are about understanding and care. A big part of this is taking responsibility for his own role in things. If a man is not doing this and trying to make it seem like everything is your fault then he is either out of love or too immature for a real relationship, and it's not good either way.

He's Too Busy

If his schedule seems like it's too busy for you then it is not looking good for you. A man in love will organise his schedule in order to make time for you. This ties into the behaviours of making excuses and trying to spend more time apart.

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