Woman Gets 'Vegan' Tattooed On Her Face So She Does Not Have To Tell Everyone

Weird | By Cole Damon | February 1, 2018

The internet is the best place to gain fame or the opposite. If you do something, it must be "not so controversial," acceptable, and normal -even in this not so normal world-, because if not, there will be a lot of backlash and endless problems. Those that stick with what they want or prefer are known as the "brave hearts." Amongst these brave hearts of planet earth is a woman who got the most insane tattoo on her face. While we are still confused about how we feel, you be the judge of this gesture.

Intro for the Brave Heart

Kate Bullen -also known as Kate Alice- is a United Kingdom resident, who broke the internet with just one brave move. While many were appreciating what she had done, others were concerned and bashing her over her decision.

The Purpose

So Kate Alice got a tattoo, on her face... Face tattoos are always a risk because they are something that cannot even be hidden normally, unless someone owns the extremely high coverage foundation. However, Kate got the word 'vegan' tatted on her forehead (on the side).

First of All, Why A Tattoo

Most of the time, people get tattoos that have a significant meaning behind them or something that reminds them of an event or person. There are very few that get random tattoos, but Kate did have a purpose behind getting this -almost absurd- tattoo.

Leave Kate Alone

It is her life; therefore, it is her choice of what she wants to do. This brave heart got 'vegan' on her forehead because according to her, she was getting tired when she had to tell everyone about her being a vegan. This is why she thought getting it was smart.

But, Who Are They

Why do people get pleasure out of making fun of people? The thing that is hard to grasp is that there is no body that has the right to be rude or judgmental. Especially because this is, a free world and people have all the rights to do whatever they wish.

So Many More

There are so many, we mean SO MANY tattoo jobs that are probably worse than this, which why we question. Why are people not clinging onto those? Although judging is not acceptable at any cost, trashing someone for his or her beliefs is the lowest low.

At Least It Makes Sense

Not defending her in saying that her tattoo is amazing, but with Kate on the part that it makes sense. There are people out there that are getting tattoos that make no sense at all. However, the best part is that she embraces her veganism.

YOLO Is Still a Thing

Yes, you only live once, but that does not give anyone the right to get tattoos that are not spelt correctly. We mean, if you are so keen on getting mainstream slogans on your forearm, at least make sure you are paying enough to get the right spelling.

Does He Know She Exists

Being vegan is something that many people are proud of, similarly, belonging to a certain fandom is as well. However, tattooing an artist's name on your forehead is not cool. Moreover, that artist has NO IDEA that you exist so why opt to destroy your physical appearance?

Creative, But Please No

We have to give it to this man for taking this brave and creative initiative, but there is no way that this does not look crazy. Is he getting respect because of his age or are the people of the world really appreciating the art that has been put on his baldhead?

What Is So Wrong

So, the question returns. What is so wrong with the tattoo Kate got? What is wrong with being a proud vegan? What is wrong with wanting to constantly flaunt it? What is the problem with being happy with your diet? WHAT IS SO WRONG?

There Are People Spreading Love

After the world came to terms with Kate's tattoo, there were mixed reviews. However, her friends were supportive of the decision that she had made and so was John (a social media user). He made sure Kate knew that her initiative was wonderful.

More Name Calling and More Judgment

Unfortunately, there was more hate than love. There were social media users that were calling Kate a freak and many that were questioning her decision on getting such a tattoo. These negative comments were rolling like the credits at the end of a movie.

Two Emojis = Off the World

A big social media personality took the issues in his own hands (in the most negative way possible). He put two emojis that meant that he needed to die. He posted the picture of Kate and wrote a caption that said "Stop the world I'm getting off *earth emoji* ??."

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