What Does Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Future?

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 31, 2018

The Egyptian Zodiac Signs are slightly different than ours and most of us will fall in different criteria when it comes to their zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are complex to understand and even more complex to solve or get a grip on. Here we look at these zodiac signs and understand what they mean in the life of those that come within the date.


Thoth is the God of learning and wisdom in the Egyptian world. All of his followers are considered to be not only excellent but above par in solving complex questions. If Thoth is your zodiac then you would really like helping others.


Horus is considered as the God of the shining sky and the sun that helps it shine. People that come within this zodiac sign are responsible for spreading warmth and light in the life of those nearest to them.


Wadjet was the ever forgiving and conceiving Goddess of Justice in the Egyptian society. The followers she had back in the day were all considered to be just by nature and well-reasoned. Their characteristics set them apart from all others.

Sense of Justice

People who have Wadjit as their zodiac have a strong presence when it comes to the provision of justice to everyone. Time also grants these followers an example to implement their sense of judgment the right way in their lives.


Sekhment was considered as the lady or the Goddess that covered war and other fiercely contested happenings. People coming under this zodiac prove their mettle by giving sufficient reason for the goddess to be happy of them and their colleagues.


Sphinx was the guardian responsible for looking after the treasures. The biggest benefit of working alongside sphinx was that he could change forms pretty soon. The Sphinx could change into any form at the blink of an eye.

Zodiac Members

Zodiac members from the sign of Sphinx would have to alter their own burden against the changing situations transpiring in life and would lead them to bury their past. You will have to change your thoughts regularly to factor for opportunities.


Shu was the God responsible for air and wind and his followers are responsible for a lot of things. If you have the zodiac sign Shu then you are responsible for the creation of creative. You will be required to provide new ways of doing things in life.


Isis, not the terrorist organization, is known as the goddess of control and discipline. If your zodiac sign is Isis then you have got to show a lot of restrain and feelings in your life to counter the feelings of restrain in your life.


Followers of Isis would soon follow themselves around loving methods where their followers would feel like losing all the warmth in the world, but where they could last out the troubles with unbelievable stress and resistance to prove the mettle they have in life.


Osiris was the good responsible for proving sanctity in the underworld. If Osiris is the zodiac sign you want in your life then your personality would end up being diplomatic in your stance to life. The zodiac sign will reflect through your personality.

Amun Ra

Amun Ra was the God of construction assigned by Egyptians back in the day. He would be responsible for people looking after construction and would ensure that these people remain diligent and skilled to their line of work.


Hathor is believed to be the real Goddess of Planet Earth and all of her followers are considered to be true healers. People with Hathor as their zodiac can be of great help to all others that come in their life and are troubled by something.


Phoenix is considered as the bird that looks after life and resurrection. If you have the Phoenix as your zodiac then chances are that your life would be full of incredible life changing experiences. Challenges would come at you and you will have to get the better of them.

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