This Is What The 'Game Of Thrones' Actors Look Like In Real Life

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 30, 2018

Game of Thrones is easily the most popular TV show in the world right now. Millions of people tune in every week to watch the latest episode, and it is tough to escape discussion about the latest episode in an office or school. Everybody's watching it. The actors that make Game of Thrones look so real look very different in real life. Some of these will surprise you because of how different they are than their character, while others will surprise you because they are just like their character.

Cersei Lannister

The queen! We love to hate her, and we have to comment Lena Headey for such a fantastic portrayal. In real life the biggest difference is that she is a brunette. However she still carries the steely killer look which makes her such an excellent actor for the role. If you want to see her in an even more heartless villainous role check out Dredd, where she plays Mama, a brutal drug lord.

Jon Snow

Kit Harrington doesn't play Jon Snow - he IS Jon Snow. We're sure you'll agree once you look at his picture. We think Kit knows that the style given to him by Game of Thrones is better than anything else he can come up with, so he sticks with it. The only downside is that you can see Jon Snow even when he's playing another character in another movie or TV show.


The real queen of the show, Emilia Clarke took the world by storm with her beauty. The biggest difference you'll see in her real life pictures is her hair color. She has dark brown hair normally, though she also changes hair color quite often. One more thing you'll notice is how sultry she looks in reality. When she's playing Daenerys there's a touch of innocence in her face - even though her character is quite sexually liberated - and we think it is a sign of how good of an actor she really is.


We still don't know what Melisandre's end game is. Which side is she even on? She has done some reprehensible stuff and some heroic stuff in the show. Guess that's why we love GoT so much. In real life she is just as beautiful as she is in the show, the major difference being her sunny disposition. She's all smiles and happiness in real life, in stark contrast to her character.


Arya Stark still looks somewhat like a child in the show, but Maisie Williams dresses like a punk brat (Aside from the times she dresses up nice for events), and we absolutely love the look she is able to achieve in life.

Sandor Clegane

You will be surprised by how friendly he looks. If you want to see him in a really funny role we recommend checking out Hot Fuzz, where he plays a disabled bodyguard. He has many sides to him, and all of them are worth it.

Margaery Tyrell

If you think she's a looker in the show, wait till you see her in real life. She's often said to look like Lola Bunny from Space Jam. Not only does she look super duper dapper, but she also has a specific charm to her body.

Brienne de Tarth

We have to commend the makeup and costuming department of Game of Thrones. How do they make someone who looks this pretty in real life look like a brute? They deserve all the accolades and there is nothing that should keep us back.

Samwell Tarly

The only thing common between Samwell Tarly and John is their girth - he looks like a mild mannered person when he's clean shaven and in a suit. But other than the shape of their heads, there isn't a lot common between the two.

Ramsay Bolton

We hate him in the show so much, we're pretty sure we would punch him if we saw him in real life. Just has one of those faces that's perfect for a villain. Just look at him parading around with that face.

Brandon Stark

Brandon Stark is made to still look like a little boy, but Isaac has grown up quite a bit, and he wears glasses in real life! The glasses really do fit perfectly on him, and one can tell what he aspires for the future.

Sansa Stark

Sansa is played by Sophie Turner and she looks even more amazing in real life. The hair color is the only thing that changes. Sophie Turner has quite the following, as people just want to catch a glimpse of her.


Oh man, is there anyone we hate as much as Joffrey? The most surprising thing about Jack Gleeson is how friendly he looks. You don't want to punch him the way you want to punch Joffrey. We guess it isn't his face but his great acting skills which made him such an easy to hate character

Khal Drogo

Jason Momoa is probably more famous for being Aquaman in the Justice League movie now. He looks very different from the Middle Eastern aesthetic used for his character in the show. But, he achieves the desired role successfully and throws a killer performance.

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