How You Can Travel Across America By Train For Less Than $300

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 29, 2018

Travelling by train is not an option most Americans would consider these days. It feels too old fashioned, a relic of the past and something which is far too inefficient. But that is far from true. Not only is travelling by train one of the most efficient means of traversing large distances, it is also the most economical. If you want to see the country without driving, this is by far your best choice.

The rail network in the US

The US has an extensive network of rails for visitors. It can take you from coast to coast with a broad range of routes which even include San Fran to New York. It is extremely economical and allows you to see the beauty.

Witness nature

While on a train, you will be able to experience the wonders of nature. The grassland, the greenery, the forests, the wonderful waterfalls, most of them untouched. The same cannot be said about travelling by air, which can be described as a little lacklustre in comparison.

Time to yourself

You can get an incredible amount of time all to yourself. Contemplating about life, how you can improve things, how you can build upon from past mistakes. It is an opportunity to reflect on life and its lessons.

A spiritual retreat

If you have any troublesome issues emanating from workplace, personal rife and stress. Trains are a great way of relieving them. They take you away from these problems to a far away place, where you can unlock your potential.

You can travel anywhere with trains

Most people are of the misconceptions that trains only have a specific route and are confined to that particular route. While that is true to some extent, the rail network in US encompasses most towns and cities.

Airtravel is expensive

Air travel is expensive. It will take a toll on your finances and is slightly more dangerous than train travel. Air travel also prevents you from witnessing natural beauty which has been relatively untouched by man's dangerous influence.

This map

All you have to do is take a look at this map. It covers all the major cities in the U.S from the comforts of a scenic rail car. Just sit back, relax and take it all in. It is so incredibly economical you wouldn't have to break the bank.

The wonderful blog

There is an amazing blog called The Man In Seat 61, Mark Smith who has an incredible passion for trains. He describes in great, vivid details about the joys of train rides. Reading it will make you fall in love with trains.

The wonderful scenes

The primary reason why you should consider train rides is because of the scenic routes. From over the clouds, sitting in a plane, all you can observe is clouds and patches of land from miles and miles away.

The food

Trains have their own system of food in place. You can sip from cocktails, order amazing food and take time to reflect on the endless possibilities of life. It will allow you to become more spiritual from this encounter.

The best route

The Califronia Zephy route allows you as a passenger to experience the very first transcontinental railroad route. It contains some of the most jaw dropping scenic views you could possibly hope to imagine. IT even features commentary from historians and park rangers.

The cost of the route

The Caifornia Zephyr is incredibly economical and you won't have to break the bank at all. For instance, you can get from San Francisco to Chicago for as little as $167. You could take the whole family for a memorable time out.

Take things up a notch

And if you really want to crank things up a notch and bask in luxurious rooms, called a 'roomette' it would cost you somewhere around $500. It features luxurious recliner chairs, spacious rooms and a much better experience overall.

Luxurious perks

Those who prefer to go with the luxurious route will have access to amazing accommodations such as their very own private bathrooms, meals in the dining car and even a turn down service. Of course that means spending some dough.

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