Chief Pharmacist Claims Alkaline Water Can Cure Cancer

Science | By Cole Damon | January 29, 2018

Have we finally found the cure to cancer? A retired chief of a renowned pharmacy claims that he has found the answer. It is called 'alkaline' water. Alkaline means that the pH value of the water is slightly on the higher side of things instead of the usual neutral value we've become familiarized with. Can it really kill cancerous cells in their tracks?

Is it snake oil?

The best way to figure out if something is a snake oil is to find out if they are promising something which is too good to be true. If that is the case, then 9 times out of 10 it really is fake.

Alkaline water

The chief of the pharmacy probably had access to dozens of new medicine and wants the world to know about them. But why does only the chief know the truth about alkaline water? Why haven't other scientists come to the scene?

Study from 2013

This is Alkaline water, which means its pH is higher than 7 on a scale of 0 to 14. A study from 2013 has found that water which has a low pH level, or which has more acidity to it can have toxic effects on our health.

Acidic water

It has been found that acidic water can actually increase your risk of contracting debilitating disease such as cancer and organ failure. This also applies to acidic foods such as fizzy drinks which are carbonated. Cancerous cells thrive in such a case.

Alkaline water

Alkaline water has been touted to counteract the acid which is found in the bloodstream, thereby depriving the cancerous cells of the conditions which allow them to thrive. It can starve them of their livelihood, thus inhibiting their growth.

But is that true

What the research has found is that alkaline water can have a hydrating effect on our body and may help to improve with symptoms of acid reflux. But what about the cancerous effect? Can it really have a positive impact?

What the research actually says

Unfortunately for the 'chief' from the pharmacy, there is no research which is backed by science and facts to affirm his hypothesis. He may very well be selling his medicine as a snake oil. Cancer doesn't work that way.

Cancer and pH levels

Cancer really doesn't care if your body has weird levels of acidity or alkalinity, at most you might slightly impede their growth, but the grand scheme of things is that pH levels do not destroy the problem from its roots.

How to actually use alkaline water?

We should be using WHO's guidelines on the quality of drinking water. And the WHO is the most renowned organization in the world. They don't have any health based guidelines about certain pH levels of alkaline water.

pH has NO impact on cancer!

WHO guidelines explicitly state that your pH level has absolutely no correlation or direct impact on cancer. If you still want to drink alkaline water, you could drink it as you would normal tap water. But it's not without its side effects.

Side effects of alkaline water

Alkaline water has its side effects. Even regular water has its side effects. But then again, nothing in life is without its side effects. You win some. You lose some. Prepare to have an upset stomach if you want to drink alkaline water.

The body

If you want to drink alkaline water, do so in moderation. DO not drink alkaline water in excess, in the hopes of curing cancer because it won't. It will however begin to take a biological toll on your system.

Risks with alkaline water

Here are the following risks: Alkaline water will make your body more vulnerable to getting parasites because your small intestine will have difficulty combating them due to decreased acidity levels. Alternatively it also helps with digestive problems.

Do you have a kidney problem?

If you already are suffering from a kidney problem, you should most definitely avoid using alkaline water and at least consult with a doctor (not a soothsayer) if you should be drinking any of it. Don't make your problems worse than they already are.

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