Embracing Your Acne Is the Newest Beauty Trend of 2018

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | January 28, 2018

Self love and care was the beauty trend of 2017 and just because that year is over doesn't mean we should leave these practices in the past. Doing just the opposite, a handful of bold female celebrities and internet personalities are taking their acne to the front stage. Embracing their body and face as is, they are boldly showing that imperfect skin can be beautiful and sexy. Take a page out of their book and embrace and nurture your skin to start 2018 off right.

Perfect Skin

As a society, perfect looking skin has always been one of the bigger beauty rules. Millions of products are sold every day advertising the flawless skin you can have if you use them and women spend countless hours a day putting them on.

In The Limelight

Celebrities have even more of an emphasis on having perfect skin by themselves, the industry, and even the fans. Celebrities spend hours in a makeup chair before stepping in front of a camera and if not live, their photos are almost always retouched to eliminate any flaws.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is one of a handful of female celebrities that have embraced their blemishes and acne on the red carpet in front of millions of people. At the Golden Globes, Jenner stepped on the red carpet with less than perfect skin and strutted her stuff.

The Fans' Response

Fans and critics did not receive her bold red carpet appearance lightly. Kendall was criticized over social media blogs and comments on how her skin looked less than flawless. The young supermodel fired back and defended her look and stood up for females everywhere that live with acne.

An Inspiration

Hailey Wait is a 17 year old artist and musician who has taken to social media to defend and even highlight her experience with acne. Wait embraces her skin as is and is not afraid to take pictures showcasing her skin.

Starting A Trend

Wait's bold posts have gone viral and inspired others to embrace their own skin in whatever condition it is in. Wait is quoted on one of her posts saying, "Remember that acne doesn't make you ugly - a heart full of hate does."


Females like Jenner and Wait have inspired others to show their bare, imperfect skin to the public via social media. Women everywhere are proudly posting blemished faces and embracing their skin the way it is. This teen posts pictures like this one, always rocking the natural look.

Critics Still Out There

Of course, positive posts on social media are bound to met with comments from trolls who don't support the cause. People comment on Wait's posts all the time telling her about remedies and medications she should take for her acne. Her response, "did I ask you??"

Not So Perfect Skin

The majority of females do not have perfect skin naturally. It is perfectly normal to have a blemish here and there and some experience more intense acne more frequently. If the majority of females are in the same boat with imperfect skin, why can we be so hard on eachother about it?

Makeup Culture

We can't be too shocked with our expectations for perfect skin when that is what we see all over the media, television, and the beauty counter. Millions of products are produced to give you the perfect look and to cover up blemishes and imperfections.

Photo Touch Ups

The truth is, most models also don't have perfect skin and even after countless hours in the makeup chair their imperfections still show. The modeling and advertising industry has decided that this is not okay and will touch up photos, editing out acne and bumps.

Other Females Take A Stand

Female internet personalities, like this blogger took to social media to thank Kendall Jenner for being a bold and honest female woman in the face of adversity. This blogger wrote an extensive online note to Kendall saying how much she appreciated her braveness and response to people who shamed her for her less than perfect skin.

Thank You Kendall

We also appreciate your bravery, Kendall and are grateful for the way you handled the backlash and negative comments in response to your acne. Jenner is definitely one of the few celebrity women bringing attention beautiful imperfections to the mainstream.

Embracing Your Skin

As we get into the swing of 2018, take a page out of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Wait's book and embrace your skin no matter what condition it is in. Hey, it could even save you some getting ready time in the morning and leave time for more sleep, which if we are being transparent is what we really need.

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