If 15 Childhood Characters Turned Into Real Life

Entertainment | By Emily Malone | January 27, 2018

Growing up cartoon characters frequently feel as real to kids as their actual friends, so imagine what would happen if one day they came to life... how cool would that be?! Well no longer will anyone have to imagine, because the talented illustrators over at Brightside have taken the initiative to sketch up what that could look like. Take a look through these next images to see what some adorable animated characters might look like in real life.

Timon and Pumbaa

Are there any other The Lion King fans out there? If so then you will for sure remember the dynamic duo of Timon and Pumbaa. This singing pair is best remembered for a song about a concept called Hakuna Matata which is a outlook on living life in a happy and worry free way.


Slightly more modern than the classic Timon and Pumbaa pair is the Kung Fu Panda, Po. Po is the protagonist of the movie Kung Fu Panda which is about exactly what it sounds like it would be about, a panda doing Kung Fu. He might be able to kick butt but he has a fun and playful side, and it looks like this human version of him would too.


This character may have had a basically non speaking part in the movie Ice Age, but his funny antics searching for his acorn throughout the movie provided laughs to almost every viewer. This personification of the crazy creature, Scrat is his name, perfectly conveys his crazy antics in human form.

Melman and Gloria

Another funny classic is the movie Madagascar, about a troupe of animals who while in transit from a NYC zoo end up washing ashore on a remote island and beginning to mix with the local animals. A particularly funny pair are the giraffe Melman and the elephant Gloria, this human rendering is even more adorable than the animal version, if that's even possible.

Judy, Nick, and Flash

In the popular children's Disney movie Zootopia, the characters Judy, Nick, and Flash are everyone's favorite. The story follows Judy Hops, the rabbit, in her dreams to become a cop. In the movie these animals have human characteristics, so the change to a human appearance is not such a leap.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants has got to be one of the most successful cartoons of all time. Although it is a children's cartoon, you'd be hard pressed to find an adult who doesn't enjoy an episode every now and then. This illustration does a good job of making this popular sponge look like the happy young man he is on the inside.


Angry birds is one of the most successful apps of all time, but did you know that it inspired a movie as well? The main character of this film was the red bird that is the most common bird in the app, and in the movie he is just as central.

Simba and Nala

You would be hard pressed to find a cuter fictional couple than Simba and Nala. For those of you who maybe have seen Lion King only once, the easiest way to remember Simba is as the little lion cub held up in that iconic scene. Nala is his lifelong best friend and eventually his wife.


Shrek is one of the most well known Dreamworks movies out there, and Donkey is probably the most stand out character besides Shrek himself. This human representation of Donkey does a perfect job of capturing Donkey's goofy upbeat nature and contagious smile.


One of the Disney classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Goofy is a true classic. The character is exactly what his name sounds like, a goofball! This human looks like the perfect example of a goofy laid back fun guy like the cartoon dog version of Goofy is.


The Secret Life Of Pets is all about the lives that your pets could be leading while you are not home, and for Chloe that life is all about food. Chloe is a very morbidly obese cat who is generally very apathetic, but when food comes into the picture she springs to life, and the human version does to.

A Different Artist, Same Concept

The artists at Brightside did an awesome job with their human renderings, but they aren't the only ones who have tried out the idea. Here is a different artists work doing a rendering of Lady from the popular movie Lady and the Tramp as an adorable human lady.

Taking It To Real Life

It isn't just digital artists who have taken to this concept, some people have brought this into real life. Here we have two people dressed as Ashley and Theodore from the kids cartoon TV show Recess. I'm not sure who these two are but they have absolutely nailed their costumes!

Perfect Princess Casting

All of the Disney princesses are sweet, but Belle may be one of the best role models of the bunch, from the beginning she values knowledge and shows great self respect. Emma Watson was the perfect actress for the role, she is not only a perfect look alike for Belle but she is as inspiring as Belle is.

Finally... The Winner Of Halloween Costumes!

This woman has absolutely killed the Halloween costume game! She clearly has put a lot of effort into this costume because her costume is an exact match for her outfit. In addition she has done a perfect job doing her makeup to make her face shape match Jasmine's, and copied the hairstyle exactly! Amazing!



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