Life Tips That Will Change The Way You Look At Ordinary Things

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 27, 2018

Advice pertaining to life matters is always useful when it comes to adapting new methods in life. People can always benefit from life tips from others, since these tips can be implemented at any stage of life without any hindrances. Here we have 15 of the most trustable and useful tips that will change your outlook to life. Let us know how you feel about them in the comments.

Making Meat Tastier

Most of the tastiest dishes we have in this world are made from minced meat, but you can add a lot more to taste to these dishes by just marinating minced meat for a while in the fridge.

Getting Rid of a Sore Throat

A sore throat can really be a hassle considering that it not only makes speaking a lot tougher, but also gives a lot of uncalled for pain. But, by adding cardamom in hot milk you can easily get rid of a sore throat in a matter of minutes.

Starting a Fire Easily

Always remember that you can easily start a fire just by using potato chips. You may be need to light a fire in a BBQ or a camping trip, which is why potato chips can come in handy in difficult conditions as they light up easily.

Calming Yourself Down

If you want to calm yourself down quickly then you can easily press down on the small patch of skin you have between your lips and nose for 2-3 seconds. This tip can even help you calm down in a nervous breakdown.

Boiling Potatoes Quicker

There are times when you want to get done with the cooking as soon as possible and want to boil the potatoes before they get bad. You can boil the potatoes quickly by just adding some butter on to them for heightened results.

Checking the Freshness of an Egg

With below par dairy products available in the market, the best way to check the freshness of an egg is to completely submerge them in cold water. The ones that are not healthy or have gone off will start floating on the surface.

Substituting Eggs for Bananas

You can substitute eggs with bananas when it comes to baking to get the best results. Most people put in eggs while making dough for a pie or a cookie, but bananas can be helpful alternative since half a banana can make up for one egg.

Removing a Glue Stain

Glue stains on glass look really ugly, which is why they can be substituted just by rubbing household vegetable oil on the glass. You just need to smear some oil on the area and then wipe it off after 10 minutes for the right results.

Boiling Beans and Pulses Faster

One can often forget to soak the peas and beans, which can mean that you'll eventually run out of time. The best way to boil them in such situations is to do so with unsalted water and by putting tablespoons of cold water every 10 minutes.

Getting Rid of an Ink Stain on Clothes

Acetone is perfect for rubbing off ink and oil stains from clothes. These stains are often considered irremovable, but you can implement the change by rubbing acetone and complementing it with some hartshorn spirit over the affected area.

Cracked Eggs

Cracked eggs are often a cause of much concern due to how difficult they can be to use. But, you can use them for salads and sandwiches just by boiling the egg normally. A broken egg can be boiled to make it useful for salads.

Drying Footwear Quickly

Was it a rainy day yesterday, and you ended up wetting your shoes and sandals? Well, you can have the footwear dried by putting fried salt inside a sock. The shoes will quickly dry from the inside and will leave you satisfied.

Boiling Milk Faster

There is always the time when you would want to boil milk faster so that you can run off for doing some other errands. The trick for boiling milk faster is to add a pinch of sugar when you place the milk on the stove.

A Simple Way to Grate Cheese

It can often be a complex task to grate hard cheese considering there is the chance of the cheese being stuck in the grater. What you could do to stop the cheese from getting stuck is to smear some oil on the grater.

Unpleasant odors in the kitchen can be a real hassle to get rid of. But, with this tip you would find the job fairly easy. Just pour some ordinary vinegar on the frying pan and wait until it heats up and evaporates.



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