11 Astonishing Mysteries That Even Scientists Can't Explain

Science | By Cole Damon | January 27, 2018

It seems that scientists have the facts behind everything sorted out, but that's not really the case when it comes to reality. There are still a few mysteries that scientists, regardless of how much they contemplate about it, don't have sorted out yet. These mysteries still shock scientists to date and here we will take a look at 11 of them.

How Do Cats Purr?

Cats purr basically when they feel happy and contended with the situation they are in, but why they purr is something we don't have sorted out as of yet. You cannot even hear their heart beating when they purr frequently.

Cutest Thing Ever

Although we don't know how cats purr, but the imagery they form when they purr is really the cutest thing ever. Scientists do know that the frequency of their purr can accelerate the healing process and can make them reduce pain.

Where Did Some Creatures Come From?

Some creatures don't really have any ancestors related to them. No one really knows when these amphibians evolved from fish and when they became land animals. Species of mammals appeared from nowhere when dinosaurs disappeared a long time back.

Do Cows Have a Magnetic Compass

Through the use of Google Earth scientists recently studied the images of numerous grazing cows and discovered a strange pattern in the way they eat. Cows turn their head to the north while eating and there's no explanation from scientists regarding this mystery yet.

Grazing Pattern

Cows also have a set grazing pattern which might suggest that they may actually have a compass fitted in them. The compass guides them when it is needed and helps them come back to their fields if they go astray.

What Was Gelatinous Rain?

In August 1994, residents of Oakville, Washington witnessed an interesting phenomenon. Instead of witnessing normal rain, they had jelly-like substances falling from the sky. This meant that many people had symptoms of the flu. Scientists are still baffled about the mystery.

What Is Dark Matter

Dark matter is considered to be an imperative part of the universe with around 27 per cent of the whole universe being made of this dark matter. The first theories related to dark matter came more than 60 years ago.

Planets in the Solar System

There is confusion among scientists when it comes to agreeing upon the planets in the solar system. They had first thought that the solar system was host to 9 planets, but by excluding Pluto they reached consensus over 8.

Latest Insight

But, it has been found of late that the Kuiper belt, located beyond Pluto, might be host to planets even bigger than Pluto. These icy objects which were ignored by scientists at first could be host to a lot of planets.

Right Handed and Left Handed

Scientists cannot reach a conclusion regarding why people are left handed and right handed. Most of the world's population is right handed, but what makes them right handed is the right question to ask. The remaining minority of the world is left-handed, without any particular reason.

Why Did Megafauna Become Extinct

Megafauna, which are considered to be giant animals from the past, became extinct almost 10,000 years ago from now. But, scientists have absolutely no clue about their existence and how they became extinct all of a sudden and without any warning signs.

Why Do We Dream

Some believe that dreams are random brain waves and images, while others believe that every dream has a pre-set pattern to it. However, there is no scientific conclusion to why we dream or why we dream the way we do.

Space Roar

While studying the inception of young stars back in 2006, scientists came across mysterious roars coming from the core of the stars. Radio waves can travel through space, which created these noises, but the question is where the noises came from.

Different Blood Types

A lot of people have different blood types to each other. There are numerous blood types with everyone coming from each segment. Inheritance may have a role to play in this, but there is no set pattern to these types.

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