15 Signs That He Truly Loves You Even If He Doesn't Admit It

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 26, 2018

Men aren't generally very forthcoming about what goes in their hearts. They prefer to keep their feelings to themselves and assume stoic, unemotional attitudes which incidentally prove to be their most attractive attribute. They choose not to let their feelings reflect on their faces. So how can a woman know if the man is head over heels for her or genuinely not interested? Here are 15 giveaways.

He listens and remembers

Without evoking too many stereotypes here, women love to talk about themselves. They can endlessly stretch a pointless topic for hours on end without pausing to catch a break. If he loves her, the man not only listens but also remembers.

He cares endlessly

The man goes above and beyond what is typically required of mild acquaintances to make you feel comfortable. He does little things such as bringing you a cup of coffee, or opening the windows so you don't have to.

Touches you - appropriately

While he doesn't get too hands-on with you, he takes advantage of every bit of opportunity to touch you. He will hold your hand in public and not feel ashamed about it. In fact, he wants people to assume you're into him too.

He admits his problems

Around you, all his egos get deflated into oblivion. So when he does make a mistake, the man is not afraid to admit them and promises to never repeat them ever again. This is not a weakness but a strength.

He protects you

A catchphrase comes to mind here, the man would 'catch a grenade for you ' and 'throw himself on the train for you'. This is because he gives preference to your well being above his. But he makes sure not to challenge your independence.

He notices everything about you

EVERYTHING. Including how you braid your hair, how you tuck your shirt in and even the size of your shoe's sole. He holds these intricate details to heart and brings you gifts which are specifically fine tuned to your tastes.

You never miss an event

You are extremely important in his life, so he never misses an event unless he really is caught up with something. He will always make excuses to be around you, and will go out of his way to make time for you.

He makes frequent eye contact with you

There is a very beautiful glint in his eyes. They just spark up when making eye contact with you. He knows how to balance between looking like a loving man and a creep. He will gaze into your eyes, but not into your soul.

He makes you feel special

Being around him makes you feel special about yourself. Almost like royalty. Like a queen. He will bring you a bouquet of flowers, prepare breakfast for you and doesn't want you to thank him for it at all.

He's always looking at you

The man is always looking at you. Always. Especially when he 'thinks' that you're unaware about his glances. He's simply trying to observe if you reciprocate the same feelings, so make that eye contact every once in awhile.

He mentions you all the time

The man is always talking about you. Whether that includes in his friend circle, on social media, with his parents (definitely with his parents!) and at work. This is because you have a very special place in his heart.

He helps you out

He always tries to help you out in any capacity he can. Whether that includes in your job, with your household chores or even with your finances. He doesn't care if it takes a toll on him.

He's always happy around you

Around you, all his sorrows turn into joy. There is an amazing vibe about you which makes him feel so special inside that it results in an instant surge of serotonin. He's giggling and smiling because of being overwhelmed with positivity.

He wears attractive clothes

He wants you to feel attracted to him. Before meeting you, he didn't give much thought to his dressing, but after meeting you, his dress code changed complete. He now wears polished clothes and gives an incredibly confident vibe.

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