Mind Blowing Transformations Of US Presidents Before And After Office

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 26, 2018

Holding office can be an incredibly stressful and takes its toll on the most resilient of men. The tiresome four years reflect on the face of every man who has ever worked in the Oval Office. Taking one look at their before and after pictures shows that they have become victims of accelerated aging. Going forward 20 years in time instead of 4 or 8 years.

The office

It isn't exactly easy to hold office for four years. As president, every single thing you do is scrutinized under a microscope. Even the integrity of your family is being challenged. You forge new allies and also new enemies.

The country's problems

As the leader of the free world, the country's problems essentially become your problems. You are directly responsible for all its ups and all its downs. Everything you say can and will be used not against you - but against the country.

Representing on an international level

You become the public face of the country. How you dress, how you talk right down to how you eat is used to sculpt a new image of the country. In other words your image becomes the image of your country. All of this takes a MASSIVE toll on the leaders. Here are 10 before and after examples of presidents.

George W Bush

Keep in mind he was not very old at the time he left office. But as can be seen he has droopy eyes, the skin has more indentations and he has a tremendous look of concern on his face.

Bill Clinton

His reign was marred was full of both indoor and outdoor turmoil. After all that he has done for the country, his only legacy is that one sexual assault for which he still gets public humiliation. Trump doesn't help things much either.

Ronald Reagan

There is speculation that Ronald had used help from various cosmetic treatments to retain his youthful looks. But the one thing he could not get rid of is all that stress which he tries to hide by putting on a delightful face.

Jimmy Carter

He didn't really have much of a grin on his face to begin with. Age and the demands of the job took hit his face worse than puberty ever could. His hair is greyed out and thinning.


Barack Obama's presidency was a historical moment for the United States. His reign was extremely tumultuous and was rife with internal conflicts. Mostly because Trump wouldn't stop asking for his 'birth certificate'. Obama's resolve hasn't weakened but his hair sure have become greyer.

Franklin Roosevelt

Roosevelt's reign was probably the most stressful of all presidents, primarily because World War II and the Great Depression almost pushed the country to the brink of ruin. Franklin has a markedly stressful look on his face and died while holding office.

George H.W Bush

Father of George W Bush, he retained his youthful looks despite being 64 years old. After witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union dissolving into tiny fragments, Bush came out frail, weakened and stressed out.

John F Kennedy

He was one of the youngest presidents to ever have been sworn in and it is rumoured that the only reason he ever got in was due to his good looks. Although he only served 2 years, it took a toll on his face.

Gerald Ford

He served only two and a half years in office but that was enough to bleach his hair color to grey and added tons of wrinkles to his face. He is the only president who hasn't been elected into office.

Richard Nixon

The only president to ever have assigned, his reign saw the end of the war in Vietnam and bringing American prisoners of war home. A missile treaty with the Soviet Union and Apollo 11's moon landing. He looked terribly old by the time he resigned.

Harry S Truman

The only world leader to ever have used nuclear weapons to end a war, Harry's face changed completely. You would be forgiven to have assumed two different people onscreen. His reign unfortunately saw the two Japanese bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It shows on his face.

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