15 Celebrity Siblings That Happen To Look A Lot Alike

Entertainment | By Charlie Blacks II | January 26, 2018

We here at CultureHook value family a lot, we respect our differences and may not agree with our relative but at the end of the day, we're there to support and look out for them, especially our siblings. With us being regular civilians and not being knowledgeable of the family members of public figures we forget that they too might have siblings of their own. With that said, check out these fifteen celebrities who just so happen to look a lot like their brothers and/or sisters right now.

James & Dave Franco

James and Dave Franco definitely share some facial structure similarities and obviously could be spotted in a crowd and recognized as siblings but, one thing that's crossed our minds in regards to these two is that growing up in that household, they both had to be twice as annoying as they are now. We couldn't imagine, God bless their parents for putting up with these two.

Cameron & Chimene Diaz

Honestly, we didn't know that Cameron Diaz had a sister until this very moment and the resemblance between the two is uncanny. Matter of fact, Chimene has the ability to play her sister's body-double if you ask us. Oh, and they're both hot.

Kate & Pippa Middleton

Well, they definitely look like modern day royalty and English socialites but, one thing that definitely trips us out about these public figure siblings is that Kate is four years older than Pippa. Kate is definitely more in the public eye but we always thought she was the youngest of the two.

Luke & Owen Wilson

We wonder what Thanksgiving is like in the Owen family. Do Luke and Owen attempt to one-up each other as to who has more acting credits year in and year out? Also, these two do look alike but, Owen's mangled nose definitely makes him stand out more. By the way, Wedding Crashers is still relevant to this very day.

Liam & Chris Hemsworth

The pretty boy duo that is Chris and Liam Hemsworth have brought in a lot of dough for their family while the brother Luke wasn't exactly blessed with the good looks of these two. Unfortunately, life's not fair but at least he can mooch off of his brothers.

Jessica & Joshua Alba

Here's yet another celebrity that we had no idea had that Jessica Alba had a brother or that he has a pretty decorated acting career like his sister but, he definitely doesn't have the sex appeal that Jessica has. We wonder if he ever gets angry at all the comments about people wanting to plow his sister on social media. We have a good feeling he does.

Dakota & Elle Fanning

The Fanning sisters are so young but, still have quite the body of work under their belts before either of them have even reached the age of 25. They might look like they could be members of Children of the Corn but, they have talent and will go far.

Victoria Beckham & Louise Adams

Alright, this one might be a little of a reach being that we personally think that Victoria Beckham was blessed with more of the looks than her sister, Louise. Louise looks like that one friend that makes sure all of her friends get no play and all go home together on a casual night out.

Jessica & Ashlee Simpson

The Simpson family has been in the limelight since the early 2000s, they've both had successful music careers, and they also share some similarities aesthetically. Also, it seems like they both got the dumb gene after Jessica revealed she didn't know if Chicken of the Sea was tuna or chicken and Ashlee's antics on-stage after getting caught lipsyncing.

Chris & Scott Evans

Scott Evans' name is definitely out there with the projects he's participated in but, he's nowhere near the level of his brother, Chris, who just so happens to be Captain America himself. How the hell is he supposed to compete with a Marvel Comic superhero for a brother?

Ben & Casey Affleck

Here's yet another decorated sibling actor duo in Ben and Casey Affleck where their cups runneth over with great looks. These dudes got some great genes and they've been able to manipulate the system with their looks. Their acting is so-so but the ladies love 'em so, we can't hate.

Alex & Emma Watson

When you're the weaker link between siblings it can be hard to accept but we have a feeling Alex Watson doesn't mind the success of his sister, Emma Watson, who was a crucial part of the Harry Potter franchise and a living frickin' Disney princess while his acting career hasn't exactly taken off.

Penelope & Monica Cruz

Penelope Cruz has had some of the greatest and most distracting 'assets' we've seen on the silver screen and knowing that she just so happens to have a sister in Monica who's just as hot is a blessing and definitely another example of double-trouble.

Paris & Nicky Hilton

The socialite elite in Paris and Nicky have made their names known via their parent's Hilton hotel enterprise which has blessed them with the sweet life. We also definitely have seen a lot more of Paris than we have Nicky, especially in night vision if you know what we mean.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter & Solange Knowles

Beyonce reminds us of that kid who was the perfect kid in high school, prom queen, perfect 4.0 GPA, valedictorian and etc. while Solange is the younger sister who discovered weed and psychedelics at a younger age and is more of a free spirit. At least, that's what they're music careers remind us of and yet, they're both very successful.

Hug your brothers and sisters folks.



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