The First Episode Of This New Netlfix Show Scared The Crap Out Of Its Viewers

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 25, 2018

Netflix's latest offering, The Sinner actually holds a 94% rating with Rotten Tomatoes, which is a huge achievement in of itself. It is apparently so horrific that most viewers could not even sit through the first few minutes of the show. It features Jessica Biel as the protagonist, depicting the tale of youthful woman who publicly murders a man, much to the shock of onlookers.

She murders a man

The mother acts out of pure rage and brutally murders a man in broad daylight on the beach, with hundreds of people watching the scene of crime. The entire premises of the show is the woman's bizarre fit of violent rage.

What motivated her?

The scene in question is the main driving force behind the plot. Exactly why did the woman murder the man. The show tries to delve in the psychology of 'why' instead of 'who'. This creates a unique plot for people to watch.

Violent tendencies

The mother wants to find out exactly what fuels her violent rage. Even she doesn't know exactly why she murdered the man. This mystery is why the series is so good to watch, because we all want to get to the bottom of it all.

Rave reviews

Most people claim they could not finish watching the show because of all the gore and horror but those that did gave raving reviews. Rotten Tomatoes has it sitting at 94% while IMDB has it at 7.7/10. Netflix regularly churns out hit shows.

Why was it so horrific?

Violence and horror on the big screen is nothing entirely new at all. One needs only look at shows like The walking Dead, Dexter and Game of Thrones. They all use shocking gore and jumpscare tactics to reel their audience.

Not easily scared by them

The violence on each of these shows is explained for the viewer. In fact, the viewer expects the show to feature violence and gore, so when it does happen, they already have their guards up, and don't get easily scared.

So what makes The Sinner so unique?

The Sinner was extremely shocking because Cora - the woman who enters into a fit of rage - goes berserk and murders a man out of blue. Her unexplained, deranged behavior is what contributed to the shock. Because we didn't expect it.

Jessica Biel's wonderful performance

It also stands to reason that Jessica Biel's powerful performance is what created such a powerful scene. This role is arguably the biggest she ever got, her past history is muddled with lackluster appearances. This is her big break.

Real violence in life

Most readers here are aware that real violence in life erupts from a dull, calm day. And the it erupts like magma from the earth. This is why real life violence is so shocking. Because there is disruption brought into or otherwise normal lives.

There are seven more episodes of The Sinner

The good thing about the show is that there are seven more episodes left to watch. This means there are tons of twists and good plot mechanics just waiting to unfold and capture our attention spans. Netflix definitely delivered another awesome show.

Why does Netflix offer so many good shows?

The main reason why Netflix has been able to create hit after hit is because they know how to use big data. The internet of things and big data allow Netflix to understand all the intricate details about their viewers.

Adaptation of a novel

The Sinner is an adaptation of a novel written by German crime writer, Petra Hammesfahr. She won several awards including the Crime Prize of Wiesbaden and the Rhineland Literary Prize. The book opened to good reviews and has a rating of 3.3 on GoodReads.

They know what we want to watch

Netflix knows exactly what we want to watch because they observe everything we do on their app. From when we pause a particular scene, to which movies we watch on repeat and even if we sit through the credits. Everything is noted.

Why do we like getting scared?

We love to experience thrills every now and then because humans at their core enjoy danger when they know they're safe. This is why we love horror novels, movies and TV shows so much. Because we know we're safe.

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