Here's What Your Birth Month Can Say About Your Personality

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 25, 2018

We all like to narrow down human emotions to a bunch of constricted definitions. But that is not how our brains work. You cannot describe human emotions by a mathematical equation, because if that were a possibility, then we would have been robots, and our emotions probably could have been manipulated by programmable pieces of codes. But it begs the question: is there a way to predict human behavior?

Humans are complex creatures

Far too many people have tried to explain the pattern of our behavior, our thought process and everything we do in life by applying astrology, birth charts and even science. But these methods fall flat on their face.

Is there a way to predict our behavior?

There is no concrete means of predicting our behavior. Even science can do little than to make accurate 'guesstimates' about what a person might do next. This is because humans are independent creatures who do not conform to a particular code.

A close estimate

But some gurus like to argue that by knowing which birth you were born into, your behavior, mannerisms and habits can be understood. Perhaps they have statistics on their side to help their case. If you were born in a particular month, you might follow a particular predictable pattern.


Babies who are born in January generally like to exhibit a very independent behavior. They wean off of their mother's milk only a few months into their life. They carry their headstrong attitude into their adulthood and make a name for themselves.


Those born in February are rebellious in nature. They don't give two cents about what others might think about them. They sometimes land themselves in trouble with their parents and even the cops for their dangerous misadventures.


It doesn't matter if they have a beautiful exterior or not. These people are able to make the best of what they are naturally endowed. They have a charming aura about them and give off beautiful vibes, this is what makes them beautiful.


They are extremely submissive in nature. Their life motto is to hear and obey. For instance they would complete all their homework assignments and complete all their chores. For this reason they tend to do well in life.


There is something very mysterious about them. Even their close family members are unable to narrow down their behavior to any particular pattern. You cannot pinpoint the motives and intentions behind their actions. These people can be very successful in life, and are cold, calculated individuals.


They love their partners a lot. They would go to any lengths to ensure their partner remains happy with them. Sometimes however, their desperate pursuit of love can backfire and they end up loving someone who doesn't love them back. Dangerous for everyone.


They are very practical people. They base all their life decisions by making proper calculations. Nothing they ever do is based out of emotions. These people tend to be very stoic in life, exhibiting few emotions if any.


Shyness. That's the only word you can use to describe these people. They are introverted and closed from the outside world. When they do come out of their shell however, they turn into outgoing, successful people who make millions.


They are vengeful creatures. If you have somehow managed to get under their skin, they won't forget you unless they extract vengeance out of you. How they take revenge is entirely up to them, but they will exhaust all venues of revenge before giving up.


They have a strong resolve to do just about everything. If they put their mind to it, nothing can stop them. They are 'go hard or go home' kind of people. They always go hard. For this reason, they either end up at the top, or at the bottom.


They love unconditionally. That's the best way to describe them. But to win their love is an entirely different story. It is not easy to become the object of their obsession, but once you do, you won't escape from their radars.

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