15 Stories That Show The Real Essence of a Relationship

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 25, 2018

Love is just beautiful and inspiring. It is the reason behind all positivity in this world. When you find your soul mate, you would just know that this is the person you have been looking out for your entire life. The relationship you would then have will be majestic and you will also create lovely stories like the 15 we have here.


A gentleman confessed about the brilliant proposal he had from his girlfriend. His girlfriend came over to his apartment and gave him a seed so he could plant it in his apartment. Then she asked if he wanted a son, to which he said yes.


Love can be wicked sometimes, like the one shared by this prankster. The husband once brought his wife a box full of roaches that left her shocked and scared. She took revenge through the right means by cutting his stache away.

Small Things Matter

A woman once narrated a story of her mom and dad who would love each other despite being poor. Her dad would bring home wildflowers for his wife every night and they would both go to bed kissing each other.

Love in Humor

A man once asked his wife if she would let him go to another city if he got a paycheck of $10,000 per month, to which she responded that she would kick him further away if that meant more prosperity for them. They both laughed!

Career Orientation

Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith work together and Mr. Smith was the boss of Mrs. Smith. Their relationship was wonderful and it was great how they shared a joke where Mr. Smith would call out Mrs. Smith for sleeping with her boss and getting nothing.


Mrs. John was jealous that her husband partied with other women at work. Once he came back home drunk from a party and she tried to kiss him, at which he punched her away thinking he was still at the party. Mrs. John had no doubts after that.

The Dentist

Loving dentists can be fantastic. A lady had her tooth extracted by her dentist husband. Her husband came home after she had arrived and he had a new pendant on his neck, which was the tooth of her beloved wife.


A couple we know used to write all their complaints and the mean things they had to say about the other in a notepad. This would be a cute way to look back at things and see what the other person had written in anger.

Prank Stopper

Mr. Addison was a prankster and a quirky person by nature, which is why he loved playing pranks on his wife. He once sped up his car to scare her, due to which she fell down. He got so scared that he never played a prank again.

Pizza Treat

My friend's wife found a great way for him to quit smoking. She would scare him that every time he smoked, she would have a pizza and would turn into an elephant. He seriously got scared and quit smoking.

The Crafty Wife

A friend of mine was about to throw an expensive t-shirt because of a hole. His crafty girlfriend got it back and fixed it for him. I know for sure he liked that gesture because they married a month after that.

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

Elen had white spots across her body, due to which she never wore sleeveless and shorts outside. Her boyfriend, who really loved her, brought her new shorts and tank tops to wear outside so she could be more confident.

The Bus Incident

An old man was standing in the bus I use for commuting near his old wife who was sitting. I offered him my seat, because it felt bad seeing him stand. He refused my offer saying that he had to stand and look over his wife.

Unexpected Love

Ellen and George had been good friends for a while. Both of them were confused about the feelings they had until they worked together to change the wallpaper in Ellen's house. They fell in love doing that and haven't parted ways yet.

Plant Lover

Alina loved a lot of plants and had them planted all across her garden. She was off for an official trip once and came back to see her boyfriend watering the plants. She holds the incident near her and married her boyfriend.

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