7 Anomalies Only Attentive People Will Notice

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 25, 2018

The following pictures demand you to not only have a sharp mind to spot an attention for detail, but also a high level of knowledge. IF you're able to solve these pictures without using the aid of Google's search engines, it definitely means you are one of the most intelligent people on earth. Prepare to spend an untold number of hours scrutinizing the most difficult puzzles ever made.

The work desk

Work desk, cubicle, office space. Whatever name you give to this setup, there is something definitely wrong with this picture. Be it the printer, the cup cozily sitting on the table, or the chair. Something's off about this picture.

The calendar

It's actually the month of June because believe it or not, June only has 30 days in its period. Granted this required knowledge about the Gregorian calendars which not everyone seems to have, but it is quite interesting none the less.

Dress up

This girl wants to find out if her little game of dress up works out for her or not. We all want to look the best we possibly can in order to make that first impression. It is important to make sure we look fantastic at the job interview.

The mirror

Mirrors are supposed to reflect our appearance. This means inverting the image. Left switches hands with right and the entire definition of what constitutes reality becomes distorted. Mirrors reflect us symmetrically, the size surprisingly remains the same.

The watch

This watch looks perfect doesn't it? It's not. Humans have become increasingly reliant on analog watches to tell the time of the day. Without watches, we won't really be able to tell the difference between lunch break and dinner.

The numbers

The numbers IX and XI have switched places. Now you probably won't go back to the sales clerk to change the watch because you can still tell that it's 9 PM even if the hand is signaling XI.

Those grapes

Those gapes definitely look fantastic to eat. But what could be wrong with them? Are they rotten? Is there a cretin hidden deep inside, waiting to bite us when we try to ingest the grapes? The answer is a little more subtle than that.

The leaves

Those leaves and those grapes don't go along naturally. What you see on the picture are fern leaves. Fern leaves don't naturally occur with grapes. This also required you to have both knowledge and attention to detail.


Both children are having a good time playing on that swing. They both have such a happy, delightful expression on their face. Blissfully unaware of the destructive danger looming in the horizon which is painfully clear if you pay attention.

The rope attached

The rope is not properly attached with the swing. The girl risks injuring herself and going to the Emergency Room. The boy on the other hand might actually get hurt too. Imagine if she launches at him.


Man has constructed buildings to accommodate the ever growing population of people. But there is something innately wrong with this building. Could it be the material used for constructing it? Is the foundation in a weakened state?

Watch the time

The time suggests that it is 2 o Clock. It doesn't matter if it is 2 AM or 2 PM, the picture clearly suggests that it is either sunset or sunrise. Both of which are impossible at the reported times.

The train

We make use of trains to traverse larger distances. This was the preferred means of transportation back in the old days when cars and airplanes were still just a concept. As you can imagine, trains being extremely heavy can cause devastation upon impact.

The train has no head car

One of the trains has no head car. And it is literally impossible for them to move without the head car. Head cars have an engine and an engineer to operate them. And if somehow the head train gets disconnected, the rest of the train will stop after running out of momentum.

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