7 Brain Teasers That Will Totally Boggle Your Mind

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 25, 2018

We all love the challenge of a good puzzle. It gives us an instant surge of serotonin as soon as we're able to solve it. Puzzles make our brains smarter every time we solve something new. But there are many marketers out there who advertise their product as something which will improve our cognitive skills if we manage to solve them. The following seven puzzles however are definitely going to make you smarter.

What does it mean if you can solve the pictures?

Self reassurance. That you are an intellectual behemoth. If you manage to solve these questions, you're probably smarter than the likes of Einstein. Okay maybe not Einstein, but you're definitely right up there with the geniuses of our time.

Spot the anti social owl

What are the characteristics of anti social behavior? The most obvious giveaway that someone is an anti social person is the aversion to making conversation with other people. They try to avoid eye contact and frequently go against the 'tide'.

Looking away

This owl was looking away from the rest of his buddies. It either suggests that he is anti social, withdrawn or that he probably saw something coming his way. But at first glance it definitely looks like he's anti social.

What does the cap say?

There is an important message inscribed in the cap. There is leaf clover, the sun, letter S, R and H, an ear and the word "AGAIN". So what could the artist possibly be trying to suggest in this bottlecap?

It's not that obvious

The words that the cap spells are "Happy Days Are Here Again". The leaf represents happiness, the Sun represents days. You can connect the rest of the dots and figure out that it indeed represents "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Can you the name of the hit movie?

These three pictures represent the name of a hit movie which won an Oscar. There are 12 eggs, an angry bird and pictures of men. What could they possibly be suggesting? This question requires you to have excellent knowledge of Hollywood flicks.

12 Angry Men

It's an old classic from way back in the year 1957. So you can be forgiven for not knowing the obvious. The movie won an Oscar for accurately portraying a homicide trial and what usually takes place in American courts.

Shadow of the bird

What is the correct shadow of the bird? There are many pointers which you can make use of. These include the orientation of the beaks, the spacing between the beaks and how the feathers of the bird are placed.

The correct answer

The details are all that matter here. If you had an attention for details, you probably would have easily found out the answer without having to borrow help from the internet. But the majority of us would fail at recognizing the correct shadow.

Identify the air plane

You will have to squint your eyes for this one. Identify the shape of an air plane. The only problem is that all these starfishes share the same pointy shape with an air plane. So it can be incredibly hard - unless you are good at puzzles.

The correct plane is marked

The correct plane is marked in red. But we believe that even with the marking, it is not really easy to point the plane out from among the zillions of starfishes thrown in to the mix. Whoever figured this out is truly a maestro.

What does the bottle represent?

Another riddle inscribed on a piece of bottle cap. What could possibly be the answer on this one? There's a number '1', shape of a knight, two letters and the symbol '&'. Another clue is that the answer is slightly NSFW.

One Night Stand

The knight represents the word 'night'. '1' represents the number 'one'. Together 's', 't' and '&' spell out the word 'Stand'. Not really that obvious because there is no easily identifiable pattern which makes it insanely hard to solve.

Woman in the tree

There is a hidden woman in this picture. She is camouflaged with the environment so you won't be easily able to spot her. But if you zoom in with the right tools, you might actually be able to spot her and win the internet for the day.

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