15 Images That Prove Everyday People Are Geniuses

Humor | By Charlie Blacks II | January 25, 2018

Human beings are one of the most complex species living on earth, we're creative, find ways to improvise and make the best out of any situation, and curate ways to get the job done even if we don't have all the tools that we need in order to do so. Unfortunately, not all of us do or are willing to broadcast our little wins on a daily basis while others proudly boast their accomplishments. Luckily, you guys have us in order to provide you with a little dose of genius created by everyday people like you and us. Without further ado, check out these fifteen images that prove that there are geniuses everywhere.

You Gotta Eat

Personally, we don't recommend that anyone try this at home for your own personal safety and because we're sure you guys have functioning stoves in your homes but we gotta admit that this balancing act is pretty impressive. Without a functioning oven, we're pretty sure there were ramen noodles in that pot.

Locked Up Raw: Bicycle Edition

This is a pretty genius idea if you ask us but, we're pretty positive that it's against the rules for law enforcement to use their handcuffs for things like locking up your bike being that they're city property but, this is definitely effective.

Hole In The Wall

For those of you who have ever lived in an apartment, we're sure you've done everything in your power in order to retain your deposit so when things like a hole in the wall happen, you turn into a DIY carpenter in the blink of an eye and this resident played the system perfectly.


Dogs need their daily exercise just like us so, it's crucial that you do whatever you can in your power in order to meet their needs and if that means that using an XBox controller as a leash, so be it, the dog definitely can't tell the difference and is just happy to be outside.

Baggage Claim

Traveling is already stressful as it is and making sure that you reunite with your luggage can be a task in itself but, if we were all as smart as this dude and invested in customized luggage with our photos on them it wouldn't be so hard to get our bags quickly and efficiently. Genius comes in many different forms and he's got it.

Office Space

This is a pretty great idea in regards to morale and remaining communicative but, it also comes off as somewhat creepy. From the looks of things she looks like she could be the office chatty Patty so, we wouldn't fall for the adorableness that is her photo glued to a popsicle stick.

Garlic Bread

First of all, there aren't too many things in the world that can hold a flame to how important garlic bread is to us but, this guy Facetiming his own oven in order to make sure his garlic bread is perfectly toasted is one of the greatest and most responsible things we've seen in quite some time.


There's a couple of things in this world that are just undeniably painful heartbreak and childbirth are a few we could think of off the top of our head but, stepping on a Lego might be at the top of list... Ok, maybe not but whoever built this Lego slippers could have invented something that could possibly save a life of victims who step on Legos regularly.

Sunday Socks

Nice socks can get expensive rather easily so, sometimes you have to make do with what you have and that's exactly what this genius individual did. Got a hole in the toe of your black socks, not a problem, grab a Sharpie and get to filling that toenail in.

Sippy Cup

Kids have the ability of letting you know where they're headed in life pretty early on and from the looks of this little guy and his style of staying hydrated, we got a baby genius on our hands. He's definitely going places without a doubt in our mind.


For years, we thought that popcorn was meant to stay in the bag they came in or get transferred into a bowl for sharing but, this guy changed our entire perspective on hoodies for the rest of our lives. We've been living a lie this entire time.

No Ladder? Not A Problem.

Landscaping is such a slept on occupation, as not only does it take some sort of sense of creativity as well as some much-needed elbow grease to get the job done so, when these dudes forgot to be a ladder on the job site, they improvised and made things work. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Yeah, You? *

It's hard being honest and opening up to someone about your feelings for them so, salute this person for taking a shot and going for the gold but, when he or she noticed that things weren't gonna turn out for the best, they used punctuation to save them from an awkward and embarrassing moment. Praise the powers that be for proper grammar.

White Out

If you can find a way to screw over the educational system in any way we say go for it and if you have to white out a question on a test that you don't feel comfortable answering so be it and do what you gotta do in order to achieve getting a passing grade. Sadly, the white out wasn't successful but the attempt deserves some credit if you ask us.

Business Cards

Honestly, business cards have become almost obsolete due to everyone being able to trade contact information via their cellular devices but, this is the type of business card that is absolutely necessary within our society. People, please learn how to park for our sanity and the safety of your vehicle.

Genius comes in many different forms.



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