Signs That Your Body Is Crying For Help

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 24, 2018

Just like your car starts giving certain indications when it is not working well your body also gives certain indications when it is in need of help. Thus, you need to be active in seeing these indications and doing what you can to address the issue, very much like you would do when you see your car underperforming than what it used to.

Leg Cramps

Waking up to sharp, tough pain down your leg is not a great experience. The main reason for this problem is inadequate blood supply, which eventually results in your arteries narrowing down at this moment of time during the night.

Food Cravings

We have all had lasting food cravings, where we for a certain period of time drop everything and start craving for food more then we should. These cravings are a sign that your body is going through severe depression and you have to do something.

Dry Skin

You may be surprised to know how many people just don't do anything about dry skin and accept it as part of their body. This can have serious repercussions as not taking any concrete steps can be devastating.


More than a million people experience headaches on a routine basis every day. Headaches can be caused because of an infection, flu, a cold or fever. It can be caused due to emotional trauma including depression and poor sleep.

Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are usually an indication of getting older for women. Applying nail polish on a long term basis can be a cause behind brittle nails. The perfect solution is to consult a medical practitioner who knows the problem.

Split Ends

Your hair can end split ends over time. These split ends are often neglected, because they are almost invisible, but it is not how they look or where you can see them, but the impact they can have on your health that matters the most.

Causes and Solutions

Split ends are caused by chemically-filled hair dyes that are used by women over time. The solutions for the problem of split hair ends are to add more proteins into your solution and to use an organic hair dye.

Bad Breath

We've all had the experience a person who has bad breath coming out of their mouth. The food you eat is usually the main cause behind bad breath as it can leave one vulnerable. Dry mouth can also cause bad breath to you.


Feeling bloated after a Christmas dinner is one thing, and feeling constantly bloated all the time is another. Feeling bloated all the time is a cause of concern that is often neglected by people. People ignore the problem as a trivial one.


One cause behind feeling bloated all the time could be the low amount of stomach acid within your stomach. This, results in improper breakdown of the food you eat and can lead to severe pain. The best solution is to visit a doctor.


Being tired after a visibly tough day at office is fine, but being tired on a regular basis is a major cause of concern. You should know that being fatigued regularly is a sign of nutritional imbalance within your body.

Purple Knuckles

If your knuckles look purple and all swollen up, it could be a sign of a severe body condition that results in declining collagen with your tissues. The decrease in collagen is often related to internal cancer, which is why you should go visit a doctor.

Pain after Exercise

You may have heard the expression no pain, no gain, but if you keep feeling the pain even after you have completed the exercise session then chances are that you are suffering from a severe injury that needs treatment ASAP.

Irregular Bowel Movement

Over time, all of us feel the sensations of irregular bowel movement in our body. If you're constantly suffering from these irregular bowel movements then chances are that you have a serious ailment, which is a cause of concern.

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