Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Is Fighting For Her Life

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | January 24, 2018

Dog The Bounty Hunter's wife has been battling with cancer for a long time. One day she woke up from sleep and whispered to him in muffled tones, "Honey, I am going to die." These words sent shivers down his spine and he could never quite come to terms with his wife's inevitable death. He's been with his wife since she was only 19 years old, and Beth is now 50 years old.

The couple lived onscreen

The couple had a prominent presence on national television for over 15 years. It chronicles the Dog the Bounty Hunter's experiences as a bounty hunter. The show first began airing in 2004 and got cancelled in 2012, after eight seasons.

Catching fugitives

Dog has to live looking over his shoulder since he has helped to capture so many hardcore criminals over the years. He has a stoic but intimidating presence on screen - for him to break down is unnatural at best. But he ended up shedding few tears for his wife.


Beth has stage II throat cancer which is going to take her life. "Our fan base has been so loyal to us, it doesn't make any sense to hide something like this." Says Beth. The couple will be documenting their journey on a special airing.

Dog is devastated

Dog has been with his wife for over 30 years and the two were like peas in a pod. Never separable and hopelessly in love with each other. Dog said to US Weekly that she wanted to inspire others with her illness.

An important lesson

Dog and his wife hope to inspire an important lesson in their fan base. That detecting a debilitating disease early on in its time is key here. "It's not just cigarette that causes cancer, its stress, diet and other factors" describes Beth.

Everything is out to get you

"we chased after fugitives for 30 years. How much Mace can you safely ingest? How much smoke from the bus can cause you cancer? We've been on a bus tour for three years and the bedroom was at the back of the bus." Says Beth.

Two hour special episode

The lifelong journey of the two couples was to be publicized on a two hour A&E special episode which took place back in November 27. You can catch brief glimpses of it on YouTube and Dailymotion. It truly is heartbreaking.

The ups and downs

Beth recalled the cherished memories she shared with her fans, "We shared the ups and downs of this family with our rabid fan base for the last 15 years of our lives! We are grateful to them so much!"

"I've got to inspire them"

Beth is not motivated by just one thing in life. To inspire her fans to detect signs of cancer early on. "I've got to show them how to beat this Big Daddy! I've shown them how to capture fugitives...."

"Show them how to beat this"

"Now I've got to show them how to beat this ordeal too." Dog describes the words his wife told to him. He was surprised and stunned at her braver and courage - and so are we. The sheer willpower it takes to ignore such a disease is massive.

Dog broke down

But there's only so much that Dog can tolerate. After all he too is only human. As part of his gig as a bounty hunter, Dog rarely gets to show his soft side, but his wife's illness finally broke him down and he repealed how scared he got.

Beth's recovery

Beth announced on the show a few days later that doctors no longer found any signs of cancer. This pathology report reinforced Dog's belief in God. "I belief there is a God. This could be a miracle. This could be a healing."

Educating the public

The coupe now want to educate the public about the importance of finding the symptoms of a life threatening illness such as cancer early on before it becomes dangerous. Beth was fortunate enough to survive. Others may not be as fortunate.

Regular checkups

It is important for people to never miss an appointments with their doctors. You can never know or anticipate what exactly is crawling under the skin. It could be cancer, it could be something as benign as an allergy. But it is important for it to get caught early on.

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