Divers Hunt For Pablo Escobar's Missing Submarines Containing $50 Billion Treasure

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | January 24, 2018

Pablo Escobar is a very controversial figure, even today. While he was the largest drug lord to have ever lived (Forbes magazine ranked him as the 17th richest man in the world back in 1989), he also tried to help the poor and uneducated people in small towns in Colombia, gaining him fame as the local "Robin Hood." It is rumored that over $50 billion of his treasure has been never found, which is why there are divers looking for his fleet of drug submarines, hoping to find Escobar's treasure.

Former CIA Agents Found One of the Drug Submarines

According to a new report, two former CIA agents (working for a Discovery Channel TV show) have recently found one of the long-rumored Pablo Escobar's drug submarine. The submarines were used for cocaine smuggling, as they are much more hidden that ships or airplanes.

The Drug Submarines' Route

The submarines weren't as well build as you might think - they were only made to make short trips in South America, usually from the drug's origin in Colombia to Puerto Rico, after which they would be transported into their market inside mainland US.

Clues Inside the Submarine

If the submarine was really found (or if the others are found in the future), they could contain clues as to the whereabouts of the other submarines, which could finally reveal the location of Pablo Escobar's rumored $50 billion hidden treasure.

Divers Are Exploring a Location off the Coast of Colombia

According to the rumor regarding the former CIA agents that found one of the submarines, their drivers had been searching for the missing submarine off the coast of Colombia in South America. The finding would be amazing if it becomes verified.

The Discovery Channel; Had Been Following the Search

The search for Pablo Escobar's missing submarines, was a part of a Discovery Channel show, that followed two former CIA agents into their hunt for Escobar's hidden treasure. The amount of money found could potentially bigger than the GDP of some countries in Europe.

The Divers Didn't Dig Up Anything of Value

In the first part of the show that featured that two divers, Dough Laux and Ben Smith off the coast of Colombia, they tried to dig up some stuff, but they didn't find anything of value. That doesn't mean that future searches aren't going to be fruitful.

Underwater Cameras Followed Their Descent

There were multiple underwater cameras that followed the divers' descent into the search for the missing Pablo Escobar treasure. The cameras caught a moment where the two divers found a metal and a box, but no further clues to the cash.

The Shifting Seabed Could Have Moved the Wreckage

Given that the seabed is constantly moving (especially given the number of earthquakes in South America), it is entirely possible for the wreckage to have been at those coordinates at some point in time, but for now to have moved in the vicinity.

The Life of Pablo Escobar

There have been many movies, TV shows and documentaries that have depicted the life of Pablo Escobar, but no show has been more seen than the popular Netflix special, Narcos. The show showcased a lot of information regarding how Pablo run his cartel.

The Medellin Drug Cartel

Pablo Escobar was in charge of the notorious Medellin Cartel, who at one point in history supplied 80% of the total amount of cocaine consumed in the US during the 1980s. Escobar has begun his "career" as a teenager selling contraband cigarettes and stealing cars.

Escobar's Progress Into Cocaine Trafficking

After his stunt with stealing cars and selling contraband cigarettes, Escobar made his first move into the world of cocaine trafficking. He started back in the 1970s and became so successful that at one point he had 15 planes and 6 helicopters to help his operations.

He Made $420 Million per Week

At the peak of his drug trafficking empire, Pablo Escobar made an estimated (by today's money, adjusted for inflation), $420 million per week, which would total about $22 billion a year. That is more what some Fortune 500 companies make - and even the GDP of some countries.

Stashing Pablo Escobar's Fortune

As you might imagine, making those sums of money makes for a logistical nightmare, in terms of where to hide the treasure. Rumor has it that there are several locations which house Escobar's estimated $50 billion unrecovered treasure.

He Spend $2,500 in Rubber Bands to Hold the Money

Pablo made so much money, that his bill for rubber bans (needed to hold the money together) was estimated at $2,500 a month. Just imagine paying two and a half grand a month just to rubber band your money - and that's before finding a stash of them.

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