15 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 23, 2018

Love takes a toll on just about everyone. You would need to have a heart made out of brick to not feel the pain of a terrible breakup. The aftereffects of which can loom over your shoulder for at least a year before you finally move on. Breakups are hard on both the person who initiated the act of separation and the person who faced it, but men still tend to break up with their partner because of these 15 reasons.

The feeling of condescension

Some women, perhaps in order to exert more control over their partners put on a condescending persona. This can backfire horribly and the guy will feel devalued. And this is the worst feeling in any relationship which can lead to an early exit.

He feels less successful

It is a well known fact that more successful women tend to have a harder time finding the man of their dreams. This is because their careers cast an intimidating vibe which pushes their lovers away, threatening their manhood.

The sex ain't there

It just isn't there. Or if is there, it's extremely lackluster because either partner simply doesn't have the energy. Maybe it was just a bad day, but this one fluke is probably enough to push him away for good.

The respect is gone

Respect is a two way street. It must be mutually exchanged in order for your relationship to sustain itself for the long haul. Sometimes women don't respect their partners, even though deep down they do. But it can backfire.

Trying to fix him

IF you're trying to hold his hand through every aspect of his life, he will feel inadequate. He will feel that you might eventually replace him with someone else who is better than him. Make him feel like a king, not a pauper.

Treating him like your possession

We can understand that you're extremely protective and possessive of your partner, but often times they feel claustrophobic at your tight grasp around their shoulders. They want to feel free again, and that could involve escaping from the relationship altogether.

Your outer appearance needs much to be desired

Of course you can be forgiven for not appearing in tip top shape at all times during the day. But if this is your regular routine, he will eventually find you unattractive and unmotivated to continue this relationship. Try to wear a more sexy dress next time.

Comparing him with an ex

This should be the number one rule for all successful relationships. Never, ever compare your current partner with your ex, especially in a negative tone. The mere fact that you're able to remember them at all suggests you haven't been able to get over them.

Comparing him with other men

These men don't necessarily have to be your ex, but someone you feel is 'ideal'. The mere act of comparison paints a picture in their head that they are not adequate enough for you. See point number one!

Bringing up the bitter past

Let the past stay in the past. If you had a terrible fallout with your boyfriend a few months ago, do not bring it up when things get heated again. Because this suggests you haven't quiet gotten over the biter past.

You're not the same anymore

You just aren't the same anymore. You were energetic, full of life and incredibly vibrant when he first met you. Three months into the relationship, you have slipped back into your dull routine because you no longer feel the need to give off positive vibes.

Intellectual incompatibility

Men want someone who can sustain and maintain prolonged, meaningful and deep conversations with them. If they feel you are too smart, or too dull for their senses, they might just migrate away. Sometimes not sharing the same hobbies can also be one of the factors.

Pressed for money

You keep on pressing him for money. If your relationship goal was to extract more money out of your partner, then he may find no real meaning in sustaining this relationship with you. Don't be a leech.

Extremist feminist

It's one thing to uphold women's rights, but it's entirely different when women replace men's rights with theirs. Extremist feminists not only hurt their own chances of scoring good relationships, but also ruin all organizations working under the umbrella of feminism.

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