10 Things To Never Tolerate In a Relationship

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | January 22, 2018

In a relationship, there is a lot of push and pull, compromise and understanding, forgive and forget. Nothing is going to be storybook perfect, and it shouldn't be. The most unexpected things in love and life are what make it all so special. But there are also some things that you should never put up with in a partnership and should be careful not to let cross lines without you noticing. If you feel like your relationship has any of these negative attributes, check in and be sure to never tolerate this behavior.

Everything Is Going In One Direction

You should not have to sit and wait for your life to pass by while you slowly wonder if what you are doing is even making you happy. If your life and relationship are on a one way track to nothingness, get out of that and move on to something better.

They Aren't Interested In Your Life

You feel like you are constantly talking about what they want and who they are, but they hardly seem to know anything about you, nor do they seem to want to know. This is sign of a one sided relationship that is definitely aimed to fail.

They Want To Change You

You are very confident in who you are as a person, but that does not seem to live up to your partners expectations. If you feel like you are constantly trying to defend yourself, while your partner wishes that you would just change, you are not with the right person.

The Hide You

If you have been with someone for a while now and you have still yet to meet most of their friends or their family members, you may be in a relationship that is not going to go very far, because is sounds like they are trying to hide something from themselves.

They Flirt With Other People

You try and tell yourself that its just being friendly, or that is just the type of person that they are. But intentional flirting is a choice and does not show a lot of respect for that significant other, especially if they are doing it right in front of your face.

Does Not Keep Promises

If trust is the basic foundation of any relationship, then keeping promises is the daily reminder that your partner respects that trust. If they choose to break it then they are allowing the trust and the foundation to fall apart in front of your eyes.

They Are Stingy

If they don't want to share themselves or their things with you, how are they supposed to share a life with you. If you find that your significant other is constantly thinking about themselves and only their needs and are not sharing their life with you, they aren't worth your time.

They Change Their Mood Often

If your partner is not sure of who they are as a person and how to be stable in their world without you, how are they supposed to make a good partner in a relationship. If you are constantly having to play image control in someones life, then you will feel drained all the time.

They Only Care About You Late At Night

This means that the relationship is focused around one thing, and that is a warm body in the bed and someone to have a little late night fun with. It might feel romantic and loving at the time, but come morning you always will feel like you don't belong.

You Cry More Than You Laugh

There will always be good and bad in life and in any relationship. But in a positive and healthy relationship the good will always outweigh the bad. If you feel like you are shedding tears more than you are crying from laughter, then you need to reevaluate your situation.

They Don't Like Your Friends

If they don't like their friends it is probably because your friends don't like them. Your friends are going to be a mirror on to who is good for you in your life and who needs to be left in the dust. Don't let your partners insecurity blind you of what your friends truly know.

They Are Jealous For No Reason

You may or may not have a past that would lead them to be jealous, but regardless if you work hard to show someone that they can trust you, they should take that for what it is worth. If your partner is constantly jealous and accusing you of things you haven't done, get up and run.

Keeping A Points System

When you love someone, you do things for them because you care about them and that is what you do when you care about someone. If you partner is constantly comparing who has done what for who and who owes who, the whole point of love seems to escape.

Control Over Your Finances

Even if in the relationship one person makes most of the money, you two should be able to have healthy discussion over how that is going to be taken care of in the partnership, if you feel like you don't have any control over your money, then you are going to lose control in other ways as well.

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