8 Things That You Should Always Look for in Your Partner

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | January 22, 2018

You have come to the time in your life when you are ready to settle down and meet someone with long lasting potential. But you are not sure how to differentiate between someone who is good for right now, and someone who will be your forever and ever. Besides feeling it deep within yourself that you have met someone special, there are some clues that can help you assess if they are potentially the one. Here are some ways for you to know that you have found a potential life partner.

A Sense Of Humor

If you have found someone that makes you laugh and feel like nothing in the world could possibly go wrong, then you have truly found someone special. Having someone with a sense of humor means that you can see the brighter side of life when things get hard.

No Game Playing

When you have met someone who is meant to be with you for a long time, you both have built a foundation of love and trust, and with that there is no room for playing games or deception, you both care about each other too much to do such childish things.

A Strong Friendship

What is a good relationship without it being a solid friendship as well. You and your partner should be able to have each others backs and support one another through thick and thin. A friendship is going to be what makes the relationship last.


If you can rely on your partner to be there for you when you need them, and if they are willing to always stick by you when times get tough, then you are able to weather any storm and achieve any goal that you want. That is what makes relationships a beautiful thing.


While not every day can be like a scene from a romantic love movie, your partner should understand the importance of romance and how that should be a daily consideration and understanding between the two of you to never let the romance fizzle out.

Sexual Attraction

When you are with the person of your dreams, it will be as if the whole world melts away and there is no one else left except the two of you. The sexual attraction should be palpable because you can't believe that you get to spend day after day with this incredible person.

A Sense Of Fun

Relationships are not all serious talks and lounging around in bed on a Sunday morning. Being in a relationship with someone you want to spend your life with means that love should be fun and carefree and should feel like a bright ray of sunshine everyday.

Shared Values

The two of you should have the same beliefs in the core part of who you are and how you want to live your lives. You should want to share those things with each other and support one another beliefs about who they are as their truest selves.

Friends And Family

When you bring a serious partner over to your family, they should do everything they can to get along with them because they know how important those people are to you. Your family will know if this partner is a lasting love or just someone passing through.

Being Hardworking

Someone who is passionate about you should be just as passionate about their own life. When you meet someone who wants not only the best for you, but works hard to want the best for themselves, you have met someone who is truly worth being in a partnership with.

They Make Time For You

Life can be busy and hectic and can feel like it is whirling past us at a mile a minute, but even then, when you truly love someone you will make time for them in your daily life. A partnership should always come first when you want to share your life with someone.

They Really Like You

Its not only about loving your partner, its about liking them as genuine human beings as well. Meaning you like who they are on their daily and how they interact with the world. This might feel like a no brainer but its very important when building a strong relationship.

Being Able To Forgive And Forget

Letting go of unnecessary things in life that come up and pass by is just as important as remembering the good details. If you hold on to grudges or make your partner offer for something they apologized for, neither of you can move on to something more.

Being Honest

Honesty is the most important foundational pillar in a long lasting relationship. Without honesty, you can not have a strong structure for building a good partnership. Be upfront and honest about everything with your significant other from the start,

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