15 Sure Signs That You're Still in Love With Your Ex

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | January 21, 2018

Sometimes love just isn't enough. Sometimes it is because you are both at different places in your life. And sometimes someone makes a mistake that they can never take back. But that doesn't mean when a relationship ends, so does the love for another person. If you feel like you have just been wandering around life, dreaming and missing a person you used to be with, and the life you both used to have together. It is possible you are still in love with your ex. Here is are some ways to know if you still love them.

You're Still Hopeful

Maybe the breakup was a pretty definite and final goodbye, but yet you still can't seem to shake the feeling that is just isn't over yet. It might not be that there is anything left unsaid, but instead you might be holding on to the hope because you still love them.

You Check Up On Their Social Media

Because they are always still on your mind, you can't help but wonder what they are up to and if they have found anyone new. Because you can't easily check up on them on social media without them knowing, you do this in secret, looking for clues into their new life.

You Still Need Your Friends Support About The Breakup

Even though it has been a bit of time since you two were together, you still need your friends to comfort and support you whenever you have a "bad day" regarding your ex. This is because you are still holding on to the past and to your feelings for that person.

You Question Your Worth

Because you continue to wrack your brain for reasons why things ended between you and your ex. You end up coming to the conclusion that it has to be your fault, maybe that you aren't attractive enough or good enough. Because you hold them in such high esteem, and want their affection.

You Deny And Feel Ashamed About Keeping Tabs On Them

You can't help but want to know what is going on in your exes life, even if when you do it, you feel ashamed for wanting to know. That is because you know that your friends would scold you for still caring, but you can't help that you still have feelings.

You Still Replay The Good Times

You went through a breakup, which means that the relationship was not going down a good path and needed to end. Yet you still can't help but replay all of the good times and happy moments in your head. You want to hold onto them because you can't help but still care.

You Look For People Who Share Their Characteristics

When you are out and doing your daily life. You might pause and take a second look at someone walking by who happens to remind you a whole lot of your ex. Or you only seem to find people with their same physical feature attractive. You are holding on to old feeling for sure.

You Can't See A Clear Future

Because you are in a place where you can't get past your breakup, your future feels cloudy and uncertain as well. If you can't seem to imagine a life without this person, yet you need to let go of them in order to move forward, you might need to revaluate your current feelings.

You Feel Like You Lost The Love Of Your Life

You can't believe that this person is no longer in your life anymore. You feel as if there is not possibly another person who could make you feel this way ever again. That is because you haven't let yourself go through the process of letting go and moving on with your life.

Your Unsure Of Who You Are

You used to determine your identity based on your relationship and love for this other person. But now that they are no longer in your life. You can't help but wonder who you are anymore. You may feel like you are floating, or purposeless, but it only means you need to reclaim yourself.

Your On A Sex Bender

There is nothing more transparent that someone is trying to ignore their feelings for someone, as to when they are replacing their emotions with meaningless sex with meaningless people. It is one of the first coping mechanisms that people seek when they go through a breakup.

You Over Analyze The End

You know there were some fights, and you know that things were not perfect. But you also can't help but replay the end of the relationship over and over again, trying to figure out where you went wrong. This is because you are searching for ways that you can win the other person back.

You Can't Help But Reach Out

It might be when you are drunk and with your girls at a bar, it might be when you are sick and feel like you need some comfort. But you can't help but reach out to your ex, looking for the love and affection that used to be there, even if you know that it won't make things better.

You Are Sensitive To Rejection Of Any Kind

Your friends and family have to tiptoe around you when dealing with any form of critique or rejection. You are ultra sensitive and people have to make sure to hand hold you when you deal with anything difficult. You need to be aware that this pain isn't going to last forever, and you will move on.

You Mold Others Into Your Ex

People around you tend to notice that you only want to do things or be with people who remind you of your ex. You seem to cling on to anything and anyone who can bring back to good memories and those old feelings. Instead of bringing in the new, you keep reliving your past trying to make it work.



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