10 Signs That Tell You She Is The One For You

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | January 21, 2018

You meet a girl and instantly there is something about her that is different from all of the rest. You know that things could get serious really quick with her, but you don't know if you should take the leap or not. How do you know if she is the one, or if she is just another one who will come in and out of your life? If you feel like you are ready to take things to the next level with a girl you are seeing, but you want to make sure she is going to be worth the risk of giving your heart up; here are some ways to tell she is the love of your life.

You See A Future With Her

When the two of you are together, you can easily imagine holding her hand as you both wander around the world. You can imagine her being there for every big milestone and you couldn't imagine anyone else you would want to grow old with.

She Is Your Best Friend

You know you care for her very much. You like to spend time with her, go on dates with her. But is she the person you turn to when something bad happens. Is she the one you can tell anything to and feel completely yourself. If she is your best friend now, she will always be.

She Doesn't Try To Change You

Everyone is flawed. It is who we are as people, it makes us human and also special. But a lot of people meet someone in hopes they will someday change into a different person. If she loves and accepts you for exactly who you are then you have found a keeper.

You Fight For A Reason

Now in every good relationship there should be a good amount of constructive arguments. You two should be constantly challenging each other to be their best selves. But fighting with no reason but just to be mean to each other doesn't make the best foundation in love.

Your Family Likes Her

When you bring someone into your family, you are basically introducing her to a whole bunch of extensions of yourself. If you family really likes her, it is a good chance she is someone worth holding on to. They only would want whats best for you, and it could be her.

You Can Be Completely Yourself

When you allow yourself to truly love and be loved. You allow that other person to see you in all of your sides. If you feel like you can be completely yourself with your girl, it means she has created a bond where she loves you unconditionally for who you are.

You Both Compromise

In a relationship, not everything is going to be exactly what the other person expects. There will be many times that you will both need to compromise for the other person. If she not only happily compromises for you, but asks that you compromise for her, she wants balance and happiness.

She Wants To Inspire You To Be Your Best

We all have aspirations and dreams. And when you are in a real loving relationship, the other person will do whatever they can to help you achieve those goals. If she is constantly an inspiring reminder to be your best self, she is worth all the love you give.

Doing Nothing Is Fun

When you are with someone special, than doing anything, even nothing, can be the best time in the world. If they two of you find yourselves lost in laughter for no reasons, or if the time just seems to pass very quickly when you both are together, you have a special bond.

She Had A Sense Of Humor

Any girl who can make you laugh, and who enjoys looking at life in a positive and lighthearted way, is a girl who is worth taking seriously in your life. If she has the ability to make you smile at a moments notice, she will be able to brighten even your darkest days.

She Give Your Your Space And Own Time

A good relationship has a strong bond between two people, a lasting relationship is when those two people also have their own lives that they love and pursue. If she makes it a point for you to have your own life apart from your relationship, she understands how important that is.

She Is A Great Cook

She doesn't have to be a master chef to make you fall in love with her. Cooking is something that people often love doing for the ones that they love. So if she loves to cook you your favorite meal, its because she loves you and wants to see you happy.

There Is Still Romance

Maybe the two of you have known each other since you were young, or maybe you have been dating for just over two years. At some point relationships that aren't meant to be will fizzle, but if yours is still pumping full of steamy romance, she is the one for you.

You Have Great Sex

You can have good sex with someone that you have an instant connection with, but you will have great sex with someone who you love and care about deeply. If the two of you have mind-blowing nights together and you can't get her off your mind, she is probably making an imprint on your heart.

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