4 Places On Earth With Low Gravity

Science | By Cole Damon | January 19, 2018

There is virtually no place in the universe where gravity doesn't work. Gravity is the one unifying force which glues us to together with the earth so we don't drift away into the darkness of space and nothingness. But what if gravity were suddenly removed from earth? What would be the repercussions of removing gravity? Science doesn't have an answer yet and can only theorize what might happen.

A little bit about gravity

Anything which has mass will create a 'disturbance' around it. This disturbance is called gravity and influences the path and trajectory of other objects whirling around it. The bigger the object, the bigger the gravity. Earth obviously has a massive force of gravity.

The Sun's force of gravity

We are millions of miles away from getting burnt to a crisp by the everlasting flames of the Sun, but even at this distance it is able to exert a powerful influence on us because of its gravity.

Black holes

Black holes are called monsters of the universe for a reason. They have such a powerful force of gravity that not even light is able to escape from its clutches. Let this thought sink in: Blackholes EAT stars for a living.

Turning off gravity

Let's create a hypothetical scenario in which we turn off gravity with the flick of a switch. What will be the repercussions? The Earth is rotating at over a thousand miles per hour at the equator. We would fly off into space in a tangential line.

The journey into space

It requires a tremendous amount of energy to send something off the Earth and into space. Millions of dollars are required to spend a few kilograms out of Earth's orbit. But take this gravity away, and you don't need millions for spacetravel.

Buildings start floating down

Because buildings are also kept in place because of gravity, they too would start flying across at thousands of kilometers per hour. They way thousands of tons yet they'll hurl across like paper, completely weightless, but dangerous.

The trees would stay still

Things which are etched to the earth such as trees and mountains will likely remain in their places. But the absence of gravity might just jolt them out of positions, creating earthquakes of planetary proportions. It would be a nightmare!

The earth would break apart

The main reason why the earth is able to hold onto large chunks of mass is because of gravity. The sphere owes its shape because the force of gravity holds it together in one place. Without gravity it would begin to disintegrate!

The skies would fly away

The sky, or atmosphere, floats above us because of gravity. But without this gravity, it would fly away into space, taking away all that water with it. The blue skies will be replaced by blackness and the Sun would look like a smudge.

The sun would also break apart

The entire solar system along with the Sun would disintegrate and be sent into chaos and disarray. Imagine massive planets flying across space like tiny little pea balls. Order will be replaced by chaos on an unimaginable scale.

Four places on earth where gravity is weak

But rumors have it that there are at least four places on earth (discovered by man) where gravity FAILS to work. It has been observed by numerous people, but science does not yet have an answer. It's terrifyingly creepy!

Santa Cruz

A scientist happened to walk past a bizarre place in Santa Cruz, he reportedly felt dizzy and noticed that the arrow of his compass was acting haphazardly and was all over the place. The man purchased the land to experiment on it.

Republic of Chile

Believe it or not but there is an inverted waterfall located deep in the jungles of the Republic of Chile. There are strong gusts of winds which change the direction of the waterfall, which flows from the bottom upwards.

Hoover Dam

This massive dam also serves as a popular destination for tourists. Primarily because the force of gravity fails to work over there. It is said that if you were to pout water down, it would NOT fall and remain bottled inside.

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