15 Signs Your Relationship Can Still Survive After Cheating

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 19, 2018

When one member of a relationship strays, both members are going to face the brunt in the form of awkwardness and grief. If the cheating is of a grave nature then chances are that the whole relationship might derail and come to an end. But, even after the cardinal sin of cheating, there is some hope for survival in relationship. Here we look at 15 signs that your relationship can survive cheating.

Rebuilding Trust

Although both you and your partner realize the gravity of the situation, you are both bent towards recreating the trust that was once present between you two. Both of you realize the need for rebuilding trust in each other's minds again.

Your Partner is Trying

The most motivating thing after your partner has been found cheating is that they are trying to rebuild the trust that has now been lost. They are working towards having you back in their life like you were before.

You Can Bear Awkward Conversations

Regardless of whether you cheat or your partner cheats, you need to encounter some stomach churning conversations. The relation can only properly bounce back if both the parties are ready to bear these conversations and their impact.

You Can Talk Openly

Well, we don't expect you to be like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston from 2004, but there should be nothing holding you back from talking openly about the affair. You can also discuss the possible reasons and how they can be averted going into the future.

You are Confident in Bed

For a couple to recover from the grave condition of cheating is how well they recover in bed. There is obviously going to be awkward air in bed, but that awkward air can be averted through proper measures in bed.

You Know How to Talk

Both you and your partner realized what went wrong and how it went wrong and are able to apply the information moving into the future. The whole relationship depends on success in how well you are able to communicate with each other.

You Never Say Get Over It

For someone who has cheated on their partners, you should never say the term 'Get Over It' to their partners. The partner has already endured a lot because of the relation, and the last thing they want for you is to blame them.

You Can Comfortably Express Sorrow

You can comfortably express sorrow and madness with their presence because they have realized their mistake - an important trait. Relationships where the partner cheated upon cannot express sorrow are the worst kind and cannot recover from a cheating.

You and Your Partner Do Activities Together

Both you and your partner do not hold each other back from doing activities together. From running in the gym to getting some much needed counseling, doing activities together can help you combat the cheating stage that rocked your relationship.

You are Open to Counseling

It is best for the relationship if the person cheated upon in the relation gets counseling without a hassle. For getting counseling they need to be aware of the problem and should be willing to find a solution to their worries.

You Are Up For Evaluating Your Relationship

You and your partner are both taken aback by the allegations of cheating, which is why you seek solace through proper evaluation of the relationship. Ensure that the evaluation is properly done in complete jurisdictions, otherwise there can be repercussions.

You are Willing to Give up Passwords

Any relationship that suffers due to cheating needs a lot of trust to be back on line. One way to gain someone's trust is to give up your passwords to them. Let them be your social media incharge, as you try to get back in their good books.

No One Wants to Play the Blame Game

Both of you realize where everything went wrong and are not willing to play the blame game for the sake of it. You realize what a difference is made by just accepting responsibility of the allegations and not fighting over them.

You are Empathic

Both of you are empathic towards each other and the fact that you are feeling for another person means that you both respect each other's feelings. Being empathetic is a good quality in life anyway, so you'd not be disappointed anymore.

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