15 Things Guys Do When They're Truly In Love

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 19, 2018

When a relationship kicks off there are not many ways for you to tell just when the guy has really fallen in love with you. The guy may be head over heels on you and you might not even be noticing them. Here we have 15 ways you can notice just when a guy is really into you and the relationship.

Invites you to Netflix and Chill

Although, this might not sound like a really big deal, but if a man invites you to Netflix and chill, they really are into you. They will not only try to impress you during the night, but will also try going second base.

He Calls You All the Time

Remember the time before text messages were so common and instant messaging through the internet wasn't a thing? Well, a guy who believes in the traditional methods would call you all the time just to hear that voice.

Invites You For Guy Things

One important aspect of the bro code is that a bro will only invite a girl to home for bro like activities, only if they are really into it. So, if they want to play PS4 with you, then you know where you are headed to.

He Wants to Make it Official

A guy who is really into the relationship would want to make it as public as possible. From Facebook to twitter, they will make your relationship public. This means that they're not treating you as a joke and are willing to go all in.

He Checks Up on You

Although you might not want them to invade their space, it is always nice to have someone checking up on you occasionally to see how you're doing. Well, a man who is checking up on you regularly really loves you.

He's Nice to Your Friends

If he is extra super nice to your friends and treats all of them like his own then chances are that he really is doing that because he loves you a lot. All that matters for them now is your happiness and how much they love you.

He takes you to Nice Dates

There is nothing holding them back when it comes to going to the perfect date with you. They go to the most expensive locations and the fanciest restaurants to never make you feel that they are not taking care.

Invites You with the Bros

A guy who is in love with you, would you invite you on a night with the bros without any worries. Inviting your girl to a night with the bros means that you are really serious about the relation and won't do any goof ups.

Asks Many Questions

When a guy is really in love with you, they ask a lot of questions in a bit to know you and your passion better. All that matters to them is to know you and how your life experiences have shaped you in your life.

Shows His Emotional Side

Guys have as much emotions as any female, but only show that side of them to a select few individuals. A guy who cries in front of you and lets their emotions roll out without stopping them is really in love with you.

Compliments You

They compliment you after waking up in the morning, before going to office, while coming back in the home, while going to bed and just before they go to sleep. They don't shy away from compliments because you deserve each one.

Takes Your Advice Seriously

Any man who loves you a lot would take whatever advice you give them seriously. On the contrary, other guys or playboys take advice through one ear and get it out from the other. Guys in love respect your opinion.

Takes Out Time for You

A guy who is really in love with you would take out the time when it matters. They value the relationship and your presence in it, thus there is nothing holding them back from going all in and giving all their time to them.

Wants You to Meet His Family

A guy who loves you would be looking into the future and finally settling down with you. For this, they will have you meet their family and sit down with them. They will even make sure that you don't feel awkward during the meeting.

Talks about the Future

Unlike many other playboys, guys who are really in love wouldn't shy away from talking about the future with you. They are willing to discuss the future with you and that you are both on the same page regarding what transpires.

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