15 Things That Guys Say When They Truly Love You

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 18, 2018

True love isn't really easy to spot. There are so many different behaviors and motives responsible for any one particular action of your boyfriend. But there are telltale signs in the subtlety of their words which scream out loud, "I love you" in the truest, purest sense of the words. While you cannot truly understand what's going on in his mind, the following 15 things he says will paint a bigger picture into his motives.

You complete me

It means you've become a part of him. Held together by the strong bond of love which cannot be untethered unless you do something fantastically stupid. It is an extremely wholesome means of professing true love without sounding dirty.

You look so good today

True you might not be looking extraordinarily exquisite that day, but his perception of you is purely seen from the eyes of love. His love does not dwindle based on your appearances because he equally adores what's on the inside.

"You make me feel so hot"

Arousal is an extremely important in any relationship and you cannot hope to continue down this path if there is no mutual attraction. Love requires both outer and inner beauty. So if you make him feel hot, you're doing okay.

"You are mine"

He is vocally reminding both himself and you that you are his. While it may sound creepy on paper, it truly is a lovely thing to say to someone you love who also loves you back. It means he won't cheat on


"Will you join me tomorrow"

If he truly loves you, he would absolutely adore it if you could accompany him to a party or an event. He feels proud to let everyone know he's dating someone special. If he didn't love you, he'd be embarrassed.

"Can you help me with this"

He's not afraid to enlist your help every now and then. It doesn't hurt his manhood or independence when his better half tries helping him sort things out in his life. This is only possible in true love.

"Will you meet my parents?"

Why would anyone want you to see their most private and closely guarded possession unless they trusted you enough not to hurt them? He holds his parents in high regard and wants them to see you as well.

"Will you move in with me"

Ming in with someone means you're now becoming privy to almost all their secrets in live. That includes all their bad habits, their hygiene problems and all their ups and downs in life. One doesn't let a complete stranger walks into their lives.

"Let's go to the movies"

He wants to spend all his free time with you. That includes taking you to the movies and following it up with dinner at an upscale restaurant. He is not afraid to throw money to impress you. He does offer to split the bills.

"I am yours"

He tells you repeatedly that his entire being belongs to you. Although it might give off creepy vibes, but it truly is his way of professing true love to you. It doesn't matter if you respond with something similar or rebuke him for sounding creepy.

"I love your voice"

The mere sound of your voice is enough to get him energized for the day. He lets you know this every now and then by whispering in hushed tones how much he loves the sound of sound of your voice.

"Will you have children with me"

This pretty much seals the deal. The fact that he wants to have children with you means he wants to stay long term. And no one likes staying for prolonged periods of time with someone who they don't adore.

"I care about you"

It's a loose form of saying, "I will do anything and everything in my power to protect you from harm". It makes his skin crawl to see you agitated or in pain and tries his best to rectify whatever might be bothering you.

"You smell so good"

You could be smelling like a bunch of rotten socks dripping with sweats, but the smell is enough to drive an instant surge of serotonin all across his body. It absolutely drives him crazy if you apply some good fragrance.

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