15 Things Women Should Know About Men But Don't

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | January 18, 2018

Women are the queen of demands. They can come up with the most absurd demands, without being reprimanded for the absurdity. Men on the contrary, don't have that many demands as women, but would love for their partners to know some things about them. Here we mention a few things that women should know about men but currently don't because they are not concerned.

Men Don't Know They Are Beautiful

Besides the ones that are like insanely beautiful, most men don't really know that they are beautiful, because no one has ever come to them and complimented them the right way. This creates a void that can be fulfilled by complimenting them often.

Getting Hit on is Fine

Men love being hit on and are overcome by happiness when a girl actually hits on top. They end up feeling on top of the world. Girls who have been the one to ask out their hubbies are the real MVP, because that must have really made the man's day.

Compliments are Free

Men are often considered as the villains of the compliments world because they often don't pass one. But, their inability to pass compliments is rooted in the fact that they barely get some. If only compliments were free, so women could pass them more often.

Real Men Cry

Sometime long back, probably in the fields of Sparta, it was thought that real men should not cry. Ever since that incident, men have had to live life with the perception that crying is for the weak and that they are not weak.

Taking the Lead?

Men have had to do with the caveman status quo of being a man and standing up because taking the lead is their job. Men can do with as much responsibility being shared as possible, seriously ladies you need to 'man-up' right now.

Solve an Issue

As much as men care about the feelings of women, they would like if progress is made towards solving an issue rather than just ranting about it. Men want to move towards putting the puzzle together, they don't want to cry over how hard it is.

Emotions and Emotions

It is just a mere fallacy that men are soulless and have no emotions to them. Men have as many emotions to them as any other person or individual. They are full to the brim with emotions, it's just that they don't show it often.

Some Alone Time

Every once in a while men need some time with the boys. From cracking open a couple of cold ones to basking in the solitude of each other's rants, men can't do without each other for a long period of time.

We are Quiet

For men chilling means to be quiet and bask in the silence of the moment. Women will never get this concept because they're naturally loud. Men on the contrary want things to transpire silently and like to keep to themselves.

Snuggling is Love

If there is one thing that both men and women share a passion for, it is snuggling. In fact, men could just lie all day long and cuddle in your arms without a word being said and with no worries at all. How beautiful would that be?

Not All Lust

Not all men are focused on lust and lovemaking all the time. For men love holds a really important place in their heart and they are always willing to add love to their life. There are times when men aren't in the mood for sex.

No Replies

Men are so tired of living the no replies life that if there ever was a way to change this burden, they would. The burden of the blue tick is larger than it ever was, and men nowadays are left wondering over what exactly went wrong.

Eye Contact

One of the most important things for men in love is eye contact. When making and expressing love; men believe in the magic of eye contact more than anything else. Eye contact can really add to the beauty of a moment and make it more magical.

Men Also Complain

Somewhere deep inside the labyrinth of gender stereotypes it is mentioned that men cannot complain, at least not as openly as women. This leaves men in a tight corner, because when they want to complain they are looked down upon.

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